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EU ministers to discuss imposing sanctions over Iran's deliveries of attack drones to Russia

EU ministers will discuss the imposition of sanctions due to «deliveries of shock drones to Russia by Iran»EU ministers will meet again to, to discuss the next package of anti-Russian sanctions. On the eve of the head of Hungary Viktor Orban, commenting on the situation, He stated, that the EU in its sanctions policy is “finally bogged down”. According to him, the countries are divided into two camps. In one keep counting, that it is necessary to increase sanctions pressure on Russia, in another they believe, that such pressure only exacerbates the situation and primarily damages those, who imposes sanctions.

European ministers now face a difficult task. She is connected with, how to find those industries, names of specific people, activities, for which sanctions have not yet been imposed.

reportedly, while there are "active searches" in this regard, the European Union is considering the option of imposing sanctions against Iran "for the supply of attack drones to Russia". noted, that “measures must be taken to, to cut off the channels for the supply of such drones for the needs of the Russian army".

Recall, that official Tehran had previously repeatedly stated that, that he does not supply shock drones to Russia. Similarly, the Russian authorities did not say anything about the supply of drones from Iran.. In the West and in Ukraine, but, sure, that loitering ammunition "Geran-2", actively used by the RF Armed Forces, are Iranian Shahed-136 drones.

Iran does not comment on the consideration by the Europeans of the imposition of sanctions due to UAVs at the moment.

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