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The US Air Force plans to look for gaps in the enemy's air defense through the tactics of the "wolf pack"

The US Air Force plans to look for gaps in enemy air defenses through tactics «wolf pack»As, how the US military is implementing Project Convergence, The Air Force has focused on developing new tactics using the so-called swarm of drones.. Breaking Defense cites US military statements at a recent AUSA conference.

Recall, that the Project Convergence program involves the unification of all army assets, from the rifle squad to satellite reconnaissance into a single environment for making faster and more efficient decisions.

According to the director of aviation modernization at Army Futures Command, Walter Rügen, The US Air Force tested a unique technology for using a swarm of drones this year, operating on the principle of "wolf pack".

We launched several waves of drones. First profits, to see, what is there, and inform, what do we need to do. Then the next flock comes, which strikes, and after that, another wave evaluates and reports, do we need to take extra hits- the director of the Army Aviation and Missile Center, Jeffrey Langhout, spoke about the aforementioned technology.

In its turn, Rügen noted, that "wolf packs" can play a key role in fulfilling another important mission. In his words, a swarm of drones could become a kind of guide through enemy air defense. If the UAV successfully crossed the defensive line, then you can then launch attack aircraft.

Aviation Modernization Director at Army Futures Command added, that the use of drones and "the right tactics" will significantly increase the survival of American manned aircraft in the zone, oversaturated with enemy air defenses.

As Rügen put it, Russia in Ukraine demonstrated "bad tactics".

bad discipline, flying the same route at high altitude during the day will result in losses every time – expert said.

In the same time, according to Rügen, flying low, fast and unpredictable, with accurate intelligence information, provided by drones, US Air Force pilots will be able to easily find gaps in enemy defenses and overcome its air defenses. used photos:US army

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