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NATO is preparing to transfer the means of combating Russian drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

NATO is preparing to transfer the means of combating Russian drones to the Armed Forces of UkraineNATO will supply Ukraine with means to combat Russian drones, Zelensky's requests were heard. The decision was made following a meeting of NATO defense ministers, held in Brussels 12-13 October.

Recently, Russian kamikaze drones have become a very big problem for Ukraine., air defense is not up to the task, most drones reach the target and strike. Despite winning statements for Ukrainian citizens, Zelensky does not get tired of complaining about the use of drones to anyone. After calling Biden and Macron, he has already given several interviews to foreign publications., in which he noted the problem of Russian drones.

Invited to the meeting of NATO defense ministers, the head of the Ukrainian military department, Reznikov, received a clear task to solicit air defense equipment from sponsors to combat drones and cruise missiles. As a result of the negotiations, it can be stated, that nothing happened with modern anti-aircraft systems in Kyiv, deliveries will, but not that, what they wanted in Ukraine, yes, but not to the same extent. But everything worked out with drones, Kyiv will receive “hundreds” silencer.

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, alliance countries will include jamming equipment in military aid packages “drones of Russian and Iranian production”. However, he did not provide any details..

As part of this package, NATO will soon deliver some anti-drone equipment to Ukraine. In particular, hundreds of drone jammers, which can help make Russian and Iranian-made drones ineffective- he said.

As previously stated in Kyiv, Russia allegedly ordered 2400 Iranian kamikaze drones “Shahed-136”, on which Ukrainian air defense has to spend expensive missiles of the remaining air defense systems. used photos:

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