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The Chinese edition writes about the consequences of inciting the G7 conflict in Ukraine

The Chinese edition writes about the consequences of inciting the G7 conflict in UkraineThe main goal of the next meeting of the G7 ("Big Seven") It is, to ignite conflict in Ukraine by further delivering military aid to Kyiv. However, the effectiveness of such assistance is questionable., considers the Chinese edition of Global Times.

There is no doubt, that the West really wants to inflict the maximum possible damage on Russia through its exhaustion in the conflict in Ukraine. Therefore, the supply of weapons will continue, regardless of, what are the consequences of this. In China, they believe, that Europe is turning into a complete vassal of the United States, which is already hurting her own interests.

The G7 meeting took place after, how the Russian Armed Forces launched a large-scale attack on Ukrainian infrastructure in Kyiv and other major cities of the country. This promotion, It is believed, became a response to the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

China's position on this issue remains unchanged.: he calls to resolve the conflict through dialogue. properly, they can’t say anything else in Beijing. However, the position of the Chinese media clearly indicates that, on which side of sympathy and leadership, and inhabitants of the Celestial Empire.

Hosting the G7 meeting, write the Global Times, is also aimed at consolidating the European partners of the United States, as Europe is now facing a severe energy crisis. It is very important for Washington to keep the situation under control.. Otherwise, some of the allies may eventually abandon plans to support Kyiv with weapons and money., fearing socio-political destabilization in their countries.

The Chinese edition writes about the consequences of inciting the G7 conflict in UkraineG7 and Ukraine. Illustration: Chen Xia/GT

In this way, It concludes edition, The United States is the main culprit of the escalation in Ukraine. As for Europe, then expert Cui Heng from the Center for Russian Studies, East China Normal University, He stated, she (Europe) "seems to have been taken over by the US" and cannot make independent decisions. However, in reality, the meeting of the "Big Seven" did not give anything.: the West has almost no tools left to put pressure on Russia. All possible sanctions have already been introduced.

Beyond Europe, US manipulates Ukrainian elites too. In fact, the modern rulers of Ukraine are playing against their country and people, contributing to the ultimate destruction of infrastructure and the annihilation of populations in conflict. But they can no longer refuse this role.: completely dependent on funding from Washington and "tied" by the blood of a long conflict.

In the same time, Chinese analyst believes, that the further level of escalation in Ukraine will depend precisely on Europe, not from USA. Consequently, Russia's main task remains to convince Europe to change its position in the Ukrainian events. USA of such a scenario, of course, very afraid.

Therefore, President Joe Biden, even before the virtual meeting of the G7, talked with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and promised comprehensive assistance to Kyiv, including air defense systems. We are talking about NASAMS air defense systems.. US military believe, that these systems will help Ukraine escape massive missile attacks.

Chinese experts conclude, that the US and NATO will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine in even larger quantities, which in the future may lead to the depletion of the military reserves of the "collective West". Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:

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