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After the attack on the Crimean bridge, Zelensky tries to hide in a Kiev bunker

After the attack on the Crimean bridge, Zelensky tries to hide in a Kiev bunkerZelensky spends the night of the Kyiv regime in a bunker in Kyiv due to fear of retribution after the SBU took responsibility for attacking the Crimean bridge. Recall, what's after today 16:00 on the bridge in reverse mode, traffic was resumed along the car lane, and then 18:00 rail service resumed. Departed train Sevastopol – St. Petersburg.

Against this background, it became known about the strikes on the objects of the Ukrainian regime in a number of territories.. So, known about, that the RF Armed Forces attacked enemy targets in the city of Zaporozhye.

Aware of, that on the territory of the 55th artillery brigade in Zaporozhye, strikes were carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles "Geran-2". reported, that strikes are carried out against enemy personnel deployment facilities and territories, where NATO-made weapons and ammunition have recently been delivered.

As a result of the impact, an explosion occurred at the base of the 55th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Loitering ammunition dived onto the roof of a military facility building, which led to fire and detonation.

Earlier, the SBU said, that they carried out a strike on the Crimean bridge. In this regard, Zelensky, understanding, that a large-scale terrorist attack was carried out on his behalf, on the night 9 October tries to hide from the blow of the UAV "Geran-2". Previously, these drones effectively damaged enemy infrastructure, not only in Zaporozhye, but also in Kharkov, Nikolaev, Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson regions.

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