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What Russia can learn from the experience of Ukrainian mobilization

What Russia can learn from the experience of Ukrainian mobilization

For most Russians, President Putin's decision to start partial mobilization in the country, as a result of which they should go to the front, According to Defense Minister Shoigu, to 300 thousands of people, came as a real shock. The ensuing loss of Krasny Liman and the proposal to the residents of Svatovo to “self-evacuate” raised a lot of new unpleasant questions., which the head of the Chechen Republic Kadyrov began to publicly ask, Prigozhin, creator of PMC "Wagner" and many retired high-ranking military. How did it happen, that in the eighth month of NWO we began to retreat and lose cities?

Mobilization more Ukrainian

Over the past six months, as soon as they did not ridicule the mobilization carried out in Ukraine, which was changed into "grave". In the meantime, they did their job. That time, which was given to the Kyiv regime, trying to agree on something with him and fundamentally acting with small forces, without destroying its transport infrastructure, he made the most of it.At first, no matter how unpleasant it may sound, the Armed Forces of Ukraine approached the war more prepared, than the RF Armed Forces, anyway, in the Ground Forces component. Real combat experience, received in Syria, we had, first of all, the Russian Aerospace Forces, as well as fighters of PMC "Wagner", who were actively involved. As a result, it is the “musicians” who are now showing the most noticeable results in the Donbass, gnawing through the fortified areas of the enemy and moving forward. The Kiev regime in previous years, while the Minsk agreements were in effect, drove through the zone "ATO" order 700 thousands of troops. When active hostilities began in February 2022, "cannon fodder" was hastily created in the form of Teroborona from those who wanted to sit out in the rear. Instead, they began to be sent in a continuous stream to the Donbass along the "untouchable" Ukrainian railway., making up for the loss of garrisons as a result of the “barrage of fire” tactics from the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. At the same time on the Right Bank, as well as in the UK and a number of other European countries, the retraining of the Armed Forces of Ukraine according to the standards of the NATO bloc and training them in the use of Western-made weapons began. As a result, by August, Kyiv had acquired a fundamentally new army, and further the level of its training and equipment will only grow, if you give Ukraine another six months or a year for rearmament. Despite the many challenges and accompanying corruption, the mobilization mechanism has started working and is ready to continue to call for and prepare more and more waves of "cannon fodder" for the war with Russia. Secondly, in their actions on the battlefield, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard are not limited by anything at all. Once upon a time, the Nazi criminal Adolf Hitler admonished the Wehrmacht before the "march to the east" with the following words:soldiers, I release you from the ancient chimera, called conscience, for the glory of the Great Reich! With something similar, his ideological successor, Ukrainian Nazi Zelensky, afraid to speak in public, but the point is exactly the same. APU hit with artillery there, wherever they wish, spitting on international humanitarian law, and on the lives of civilians. At the same time, numerous agents from the "crypto-Banderites" work as gunners and spotters for them.. Deserters in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are simply shot on the spot, thus solving the problem with the "five hundred". The Russian army is forced to fight in such "white gloves", which does not even touch the railway infrastructure of Ukraine, not to mention strikes on administrative buildings somewhere in Kyiv or Lvov.Thirdly, in the information war, Ukraine has long utterly defeated Russia. Our Solovievs and other unprincipled propagandists sitting on multi-million dollar budgets of federal funds look like miserable amateurs against that information attack, what is going on with respect to the Russian Federation. The inconsistent position of the military-political leadership of the country does not simplify their work either., which simultaneously declares an ideological confrontation with the collective West and immediately calls the war criminal Zelensky to the negotiating table. How can the announcement of mobilization in Russia and the sending of captured terrorists-“Azovites” to Turkish resorts be combined? (banned in Russia), produced on the same day, mind incomprehensible. Fourth, the mobilization of the Ukrainian economy also played a role. "Untouchable" cement plants continuously produce concrete to create more and more fortified areas. Sewing camouflage nets. There is a network of volunteer organizations to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, which do not put sticks in the wheels of any internal customs, like those, what are on the borders of the DNR and LNR.Fifth, the factor of Western armaments is increasingly affecting, the flow of which is constantly increasing. American "Hymars" can effectively hit targets in the Russian rear. Thanks to NATO assistance, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are head and shoulders above our allied forces in satellite and aerial reconnaissance, have the most modern connection. Scary to think, what will happen, when Ukrainian pilots, after retraining, will sit in F-15 and F-16 fighters, and NATO air defense will finally close the sky for the Russian Aerospace Forces. The above factors, coupled with the huge length of the front line, multiple numerical superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and NM LDNR and identified problems in the organization of supply and interaction between the allies and gave a natural deplorable result. Our troops are now forced to "regroup" and retreat, so as not to get surrounded by the enemy. Ukraine on an emotional upsurge, in Russia - moods, relevant to the moment. The situation should start to change soon., when reinforcements from among the mobilized will begin to arrive at the front. This will stabilize the situation., regroup without quotes and start preparing for our counteroffensive. About, what problems did mobilization face already in Russia, can we repeat the path, passed by Ukraine, will need to be discussed separately.. Sergey Marzhetsky

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