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4 October - Day of the Space Forces of Russia

4 October – Day of the Space Forces of RussiaToday in the Russian Federation everyone celebrates their professional holiday, who creates spacecraft to solve problems in the field of defense, ensures their launch into orbit. Generally, all, who is involved in the Space Force.

Space is an important area of ​​the defense strategy of our state. Space programs allow Russia to maintain its defense capabilities at a high level.

4 October is considered not only a professional holiday of the Space Forces, but also the date of their foundation. On this day in 1957 The first artificial Earth satellite was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. It was then that the space age began in the history of mankind., at the same time, the world's first space troops arose - the Soviet. Our Armed Forces then had the opportunity to monitor a potential enemy from space, receiving information using spacecraft, which was previously unavailable.

And although this holiday received official status only in 2006 year, it began to be celebrated many decades before. true, day off is not available.

4 October should congratulate everyone, who is somehow connected with space defense programs, all, who makes space closer and safer. Today they celebrate their professional holiday.

4 October – Day of the Space Forces of RussiaThe editors of the "Military Review" also join in the congratulations and wish the military and civilian personnel of the Space Forces happiness, heat, peace and all the best. used photos:Defense Ministry

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