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Minister of Defense of Norway: NATO expansion will lead to a revision of defense policy

Minister of Defense of Norway: NATO expansion will lead to a revision of defense policyNATO expansion to include Sweden and Finland will lead to a revision of Norway's defense policy. The question remains in focus, how exactly this will change the alliance itself and the military planning of the northern states, included in it.

According to the American magazine Breaking Defense, Minister of Defense of Norway Bjorn Arild Gram spoke about this.

Alliance increases, and we will see, that now we need to rethink our defense planning. We can see, where will change, infrastructure, link. AND, of course, we turn our attention to the Far North- Gram said.

he noted, what in 2024 biennial Cold Response exercise held in the Arctic zone every year, involving about 30 thousands of soldiers 27 countries of Europe and North America, will be renamed to Nordic Response. Finland and Sweden will become part of their operating area.

The new geopolitical map will show Finland as the front line of NATO, and Sweden will provide greater depth of defense. In theory, this could free Norway from having to invest heavily in its forward forces., and instead allow reallocation of funding to other defense areas.

And although Turkey and Hungary have not yet agreed to the admission of Helsinki and Stockholm to NATO, Alliance leadership is considering this situation, saying "when", not "if". used photos:

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