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Day of the Russian Ground Forces

[center]Day of the Russian Ground ForcesServicemen of the Russian Army at the Trans-Baikal training ground “Cugol”. A photo: ©RIA Novosti/Vadim Savitsky[/center]

Annually, 1 October, military personnel of the Ground Forces celebrate their professional holiday. This type of armed forces in our country is the most numerous and solves the widest range of tasks..

As a matter of fact, it was the Ground Forces that played a key role in protecting the sovereignty and interests of our country in almost all conflicts, in which Russia participated.

It is worth noting, that the date of the celebration of the Day of the Ground Forces in our country was not chosen by chance. Exactly 1 October (11 Old Style) 1550 Tsar Ivan the Terrible issued a decree on the formation of archery regiments and guard service, which became the basis for the Russian ground forces.

At the same time, the regular army in our country appeared after almost 200 years, after the Northern War during the reign of Peter I. Since then, the Ground Forces, like their weapons have been continuously developed.

Today they include: motorized rifle, tank, rocket troops and artillery, air defense force, as well as special troops. As of 2021 year their number was 280 thousands of people.

It is worth noting, that the Russian Ground Forces are regularly replenished with the latest weapons. Along with tanks, with howitzers and MLRS, our army is actively using unmanned aerial vehicles and even "smart" robotic platforms, which at the beginning of the 2000s could only be seen in science fiction films.

This year, a serious threat loomed over our country.. Collective West, ignoring our president's proposals for collective security, headed for the destruction of Russia. At the same time, the United States and its partners have not yet entered into direct confrontation., but they prefer to use Ukraine to weaken our country, literally pumping her army with various weapons.

It is also important, that right now our military is fighting not only for the sovereignty of Russia, but also for the Russian population, residing on the territory of Ukraine, whom the Kyiv authorities decided to arrange a real genocide.

There is no doubt, that the Russian army will once again win, and a key role in this confrontation, as in many conflicts, ground forces will play.

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