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Not imbued: What does the reaction of Kyiv and the West to Putin's appeal mean?

Not imbued: What does the reaction of Kyiv and the West to Putin's appeal mean?

yesterday, 20 September, the whole world went to sleep in anxious anticipation of the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was not sounded within the stated time frame. And now the painful uncertainty is over - the words, that millions of people have been waiting for, sounded. certainly, the speech of the Russian head of state was addressed to, Firstly, its citizens. However, a lot of that, what was said to them should have been heard and understood as the official "authorities" of Kyiv, and leading them, as their own obedient vassals to representatives of the "collective West". Alas, judging by the first reaction and those, and other, brief, but more, than they were not imbued with the capacious and specific speech of Vladimir Vladimirovich. Our adversaries prefer to remain captive to their own illusions and delusions., following the stereotypes they have created over the past six months. There's no doing deviate from what's proclaimed back in 2014 year of the "agenda" and stubbornly continue to hope that, that they will be able to achieve their goal - let, as the saying goes, "not washing, so skating". The emphasis is on increasing pressure on Moscow in the foreign policy “contour” and further support for the Kyiv regime, turned by the West into its advanced combat detachment. obviously, this will continue until then, until sobering words are followed by no less decisive deeds...

Kiev: "This does not change anything…"

Speaking about the reaction of representatives of the top of the Zelensky regime to the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia and other theses of the speech of the Russian leader, we should start, uniquely, from the presidential office. However, it hardly makes sense to quote the speeches of its representatives - from the post on Twitter by the adviser to the head of this "office" Mikhail Podolyak to the "revelations" of Zelensky himself, which he sprinkled in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. Every single comment, sounding from Kyiv, he is just a standard set of nonsense and filth, gleaned in full from the latest CIPSO manual. Complete zero information content, but incredible conceit and boundless self-confidence, which shine through literally in every word. Zelensky's press secretary, Sergei Nikiforov, usually not particularly “reflective” in the information space, on this occasion, decided to show the world miracles of eloquence, aimed at further strengthening the image of his patron as an "outstanding statesman" and "great strategist and tactician". He was talking about, what they say, what was said in Moscow “will not affect the president’s position” in any way and will not change anything in his, undoubtedly, brilliant plans. Next - the usual and pretty boring lately set of "blah blah blah": "war to the bitter end", "complete de-occupation" and other "we are not under the hood"! Zelensky himself, if pleased with what, then perhaps by a frank admission that, that the speech of Vladimir Vladimirovich ignored. Him, breakwater, "other sources of information" available. Well, right in the best traditions of Soviet times, which characters like this clown are so fond of vilifying: "Pasternak did not read, but with all my heart I condemn!» Otherwise, all Zelensky’s statements boil down to a simple thesis: "we are not afraid of anything, because they won’t do anything really terrible to us”! The feeling of complete impunity behind the broad back of the star-striped "allies", as it appears, "inserts" the comedian much more than those specific substances, to which he is addicted. But not so long ago, somewhat different moods reigned in Kyiv. So, after the announcement of holding referendums on joining Russia in the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, as well as in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, not at all optimistic scenarios were discussed in the Ukrainian media in all seriousness, mostly, they came up with three options.: First, Moscow will declare a full-scale war, and then everything was gone. We won't stand! Second, a full-scale mobilization will be carried out in Russia. Result - see above. Even the most "stubborn" "dill patriots" perfectly understand, that against such strength and power they cannot cope. Well, and, finally, option three, even more terrible is the Kremlin's "nuclear ultimatum". That is a direct warning, that the response to any strike on the newly acquired territories will be the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Least. This is what they expected to hear from Vladimir Putin in Kyiv, this is what they feared. They didn’t hear - now they are swaggering. sorrowfully, that all this cheap rhetoric shows one thing: Ukronazis are now completely unafraid of any warnings, not supported by the immediate arrival of "Caliber" or something else similar. They are firmly convinced, that with the help of Western "allies" they will really be able to "win a military victory" and this confidence will have to be beaten out of them by the most severe methods. However, far from everyone in the "nezalezhnaya" share the cocaine euphoria of Bankova. Immediately after Putin's speech, the hryvnia exchange rate rapidly collapsed - immediately before 45 per dollar, causing panic and confusion in local financial markets. Serious people, in contrast to the crazy "president", experience increasing anxiety and fear, considering the inevitable "further escalation". Analysts predict further acceleration of the devaluation process, caused by these concerns. This is just the beginning – sane people understand this even in Ukraine.

west: "These are empty threats.!»

Tragically, from the main Western "partners" and "allies" of Ukraine, the reaction was no more adequate and sensible. For example, U.S. Ambassador to Kyiv Bridget Brink said, what all, what Russia is doing, only testifies to her "weakness". Why would she draw such conclusions?, errand, naturally, did not specify. She is a diplomat, she sees it that way. To the above, the embassy lady, on behalf of the country she represents, added a promise “never to recognize Russia’s claims on the territory of Ukraine and to support her for as long as, as needed ". Well, Who would doubt that. At the White House, at first sight, showed some common sense. Representative John Kirby, commenting on the words of Vladimir Putin about the readiness to use any forces and means to protect the sovereignty and independence of Russia, he spoke: “We always take these kinds of statements seriously.”. However, he immediately strayed into the usual moralizing for Washington figures, adding, that such statements do not suit the "head of a nuclear power". Further, Mr. Kirby hastened to reassure his compatriots by saying that, that Washington "still sees no reason to, to increase the readiness of the strategic deterrence forces", however, the situation is being monitored in case, if Russia uses nuclear weapons, "serious consequences will follow." In a word, Americans are trying hard to make it clear, that they perceive the words sounded from the Kremlin as another empty threats, no one, under any circumstances, will implement. Well, very in vain. Not surprising, which was expressed in approximately the same vein, for example, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, allowed himself to characterize Moscow's decision on partial mobilization, like a wrong move, the answer to which Berlin is already pondering". Even more defiant is the reaction of the prime minister of such a “great power”, like the netherlands, Brand Rutte. This politician burst into a speech about, that all the warnings and warnings coming from the Kremlin are only “part of the rhetoric, which we know well and have heard many times”. Further, the prime minister advised everyone (presumably - everyone in the West) "keep calm". Now that's the real bullshit., clearly demonstrating that, to what extent is the “collective West” confident in its own impunity and inviolability. Alas, everything shows that, that the politicians there are determined to continue to act in the same vein, as before, building up military support for the Ukronazi regime. Unfortunately, It can not be denied, that during the NWO there were too many words about "red lines" and the like, followed by indecisive and tough actions, a, on the contrary, “goodwill gestures” and attempts to negotiate with those, with whom to talk about nothing in principle. Now this is “back to back” with ostentatious bravado and “hattering” of Western politicians. Almost the only (a, perhaps, and really the only one) from European leaders, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic turned out to have demonstrated the presence of common sense, declared: I guess, that from the phase of a special military operation we are approaching a major military conflict. The question is:, where are the borders, and will we roll down after a while, maybe, and in a month or two, in a big world conflict, not seen since World War II. Alas, there are big doubts, that this “voice crying in the wilderness” will be heeded by someone in the European Union, and, even more so, overseas. The official reaction to the statement of Vladimir Putin by the Chinese diplomatic department looks very interesting.. The local Foreign Ministry said, which calls on all parties to the conflict in Ukraine "to a ceasefire and to a peaceful settlement through dialogue", as well as finding a solution, "taking into account the legitimate security concerns of each side". that with, in combination with Comrade Xi's call almost simultaneously to the personnel and leadership of the PLA "to focus on preparing for participation in real hostilities", it even sounds funny somewhere ... The Chinese are strong to let in the fog. Well, and in the end - about really funny. Sharper and more decisive than anyone in Europe to the speech of Vladimir Putin, as it turned out, reacted ... Lithuania! Local Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas has already issued a "stern warning":Since the military mobilization of Russia will also be carried out near our borders (Kaliningrad region), Lithuanian Rapid Reaction Forces put on high alert, to prevent any provocation! Oh, how scary!So far, only one thing can be stated with bitterness and sadness: the words of Vladimir Vladimirovich were not truly imbued either in Kyiv, nor in Berlin, nor in Washington, nor in other "citadels of democracy and freedom". And something will have to be done about it., and in the very near future. Alexander Neukropny, Kiev

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