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DPR forces repelled an attempt by an enemy who left the trenches to counterattack Peski

DPR forces repelled an attempt by an enemy who left the trenches to counterattack PeskiAn attempt to counterattack the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe settlement of Peski did not lead to the success of the enemy. According to recent reports, enemy, concentrating forces and resources, tried to organize an offensive from Karlovka, Non-tailored, Water and Pervomaisky in the direction of Sand. To do this, Ukrainian militants and foreign mercenaries had to leave their trenches and (and in some areas for years) fortifications and move to the positions of the NM DPR with the support of artillery.

The number of attackers, according to one, was about 250 human, on others - about 450 (up to two companies in only one of the directions). This attempted counterattack was resisted by the forces of the republican battalion "Somalia" and the 11th regiment of the People's Militia.

At first, the activity of Ukrainian artillery was minimized by an organized counter-battery fight., against the background of which a powerful fire effect was carried out on the manpower that had left the trenches and fortified areas. As a result of firing, the enemy lost 4 units of armored vehicles, including two tanks, providing fire support to the infantry, and to 20 percent of personnel killed and wounded – from the initial number of advancing.

Eventually, suffered losses, the enemy was pushed back.

However, information comes from the line of contact that, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may attempt to build up an artillery “fist” west of Pesok, to try to go on the attack again in order to recapture this previously lost key point of their fortified area near Donetsk.

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