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Reinforced protection BMPT "Terminator" withstands the hit of Western anti-tank systems, used by the Armed Forces

Reinforced BMPT protection «Terminator» withstands hit by Western ATGMs, used by the Armed ForcesApplication of BMPT “Terminator” in the zone of the special military operation of the Russian army in Ukraine showed, that the support vehicle is very resistant to defeat and can withstand the hit of Western anti-tank systems, delivered to Ukraine.

According to an informed source, in the battles in the Donbass, Russian BMPTs repeatedly used Javelin anti-tank systems and other anti-tank systems and grenade launchers, massively supplied to Ukraine by Western sponsors of Kyiv. With enhanced protection, the car had minor damage, which were corrected in the field.

Combat experience shows, that BMPT “Terminator” due to increased protection, withstands ATGM hits “Dzhavelin”, as well as other anti-tank systems and grenade launchers manufactured by NATO. After these episodes, the car needed minor repairs in the field., combat capability was fully restored- RIA Novosti quotes the words of the source.

Previously, another source reported, that the BPMT during the NWO showed high efficiency precisely because of their enhanced protection and multi-channel weapons, allowing you to fire at several targets at once. Tank support vehicles were used with high efficiency in urban battles, managing to destroy enemy infantry, threatening tanks. In the field, the BMPT also received positive ratings from the Russian military..

About the appearance of BMPT “Terminator” in the NWO area it became known at the end of spring, when these cars got on video near Severodonetsk. Then Kyiv announced the use of BMPTs by the Russian army in the area of ​​​​the Lisichansk-Artemovsk highway. The first official mention of tank support vehicles from the Ministry of Defense came only in July.

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