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Announced the arrival of a new PPK-20 submachine gun and a microwave sniper rifle

Announced the arrival of a new PPK-20 submachine gun and a microwave sniper rifleThe latest Russian submachine gun PPK-20, developed by the Kalashnikov concern, will begin to enter the Russian troops this year. This was announced by the President “Concern Kalashnikov” Alan Lushnikov.

Russian troops this year will receive the latest PPK-20 submachine gun and a new microwave sniper rifle, created to replace the already obsolete SVD. Lushnikov did not name more exact dates., limiting itself to stating a fact.

Submachine gun PPK-20 this year will go to the troops. We believe, that this is the best submachine gun in the world for the next 20 years (…) Microwave will already be delivered this year- said the president of the concern.

PPK-20 submachine gun developed as part of development work (OCD) “Knight-MO” based on serially produced with 2005 years PP “Knight-CH” subject to comments and shortcomings, identified during its operation. The official name of the new weapon sounds like: “9 mm Kalashnikov submachine gun PPK-20”. total length – 600-660 mm, mass without ammunition – 2,7 kg, barrel length 182 mm, cartridge – 9х19 Luger, store capacity – 30 rounds.

New Chukavin sniper rifle (Microwave) was developed by the company “Kalashnikov” on the instructions of the Ministry of Defense to replace the already obsolete Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD). For the first time microwave was shown to the public in 2017 year's forum “Army 2017”. The rifle was originally implemented in three calibers - 7.62x54R, 7,62х51 NATO (also known as .308 Win), and .338 Lapua Magnum (8,6х70 мм). At the same time, in caliber 7.62x54R, the microwave rifle is fully compatible with magazines from the SVD sniper rifle.

The length of the microwave, depending on the version, is from 995 to 1015 millimeters, and weight - 4,2 kilograms with an empty magazine and an optical sight installed. The weapon is equipped with a barrel length 410 millimeters. Microwave has an effective firing range 1200 m. used photos:

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