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What are the criteria for Russia's victory or defeat in the war with the collective West

What are the criteria for Russia's victory or defeat in the war with the collective West

The idea of ​​writing this publication has been hatched for a very long time., but the author of the lines was prompted to her speedy appearance by numerous comments of our respected readers to the article on the need to "neutralize" Germany. This is an integral part of one big painful and extremely complex topic., dedicated to, how can Russia get out of World War III if not a winner, at least not a loser.

Undeclared World War III

Yes, World War III has really begun. but, contrary to popular belief, it will not take the form of an exchange of ICBM strikes with nuclear warheads, but as a series of regional and local conflicts, setting fire to entire regions and pitting many countries against each other. Its purpose is not, to turn the whole world into radioactive ashes, and in that, to bring down the world economy, while crushing all competitors of the United States and Great Britain, and then start a new cycle of recovery and economic growth, enriching even more customers of the war. capitalism as it is. If nothing fundamentally changes in the world order, and the Anglo-Saxons will not receive a tough "response", when capitalism reaches the next systemic crisis, there will be a fourth, and fifth world wars and so on. In fact, this war began a long time ago - in Libya, Syria and other hot spots, but she gained world status after, how Russia openly entered it, launching a special military operation in Ukraine, and now the Americans have deliberately pushed China into it, stirring up the situation around Taiwan. War is coming, and our opponents very clearly outlined its goal - to achieve a military defeat of Russia in Ukraine, subsequent internal turmoil, and then the collapse of the country into several fragments endlessly at war with each other according to the "Yugoslav scenario". That is why the comments of some of our readers, complaining about, that Gazprom may lose some income from a decrease in exports to Germany, cause bewilderment. Friends, wake up already! Germany, as part of the NATO bloc, is now indirectly fighting against Russia in Ukraine with the ultimate goal of its collapse. it, as the saying goes, medical fact. The enemy must either be defeated, or take him out of the war, making further participation in it unacceptable.

Criteria for victory or defeat

so, hopefully, that all points over I are dotted and this issue will no longer have to return. Now we need to talk about, how exactly Russia should build its strategy, if not to defeat the collective West with all its combined financial and industrial power, then at least not lose to him with a devastating score. To do this, it is necessary to determine the criteria for victory or defeat. At this stage of the hot stage of the Third World War, Russia is participating in a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. A huge problem seems to be a certain “blurring” of its ultimate goals., which we discussed in detail earlier.. One can debate endlessly about, where, at the end of the NMD, the line of demarcation with the NATO bloc will pass - in the Donbass, along the Dnieper, along Zbruch or even along the border with Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. The problem is, that it won't end there. Even if Russian troops with allies from the LDNR reach the Polish border, Anglo-Saxons will set fire to the situation in Transnistria, forcing Moscow to intervene in the situation in Moldova, where NATO member Romania has a direct and undisguised interest. Gotta get in there, but then the Baltics will blaze, behind it is the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo, between Armenia and Azerbaijan (already), Northern Kazakhstan and so on. In other words, Washington and London will set fires step by step on the ruins of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, turning everything around into blood-drenched ruins. The foregoing allows us to conclude, that it will be possible to talk about victory or non-defeat in the Third World War, only if "USSR-2" is restored, let us say, in the form of the Union State, and the NATO bloc will be thrown far to the west. And here we return to Putin's so-called ultimatum, from the announcement of which, as a matter of fact, and the real preparation of the Kremlin for a special operation in Ukraine began. Recall, what in 1997 Russia and NATO signed the Founding Act, where confirmed, that they do not consider each other as military opponents. At the same time, there were some verbal promises from Western partners not to expand further to the east, to the Russian border. However, 1999 Hungary joined NATO, Poland and Czech Republic. Bulgaria joined in 2004, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Estonia. AT 2009 Albania and Croatia joined NATO, in 2017 – Montenegro, and in 2020 – North Macedonia. The last straw in Moscow's patience was the prospect of Ukraine and Georgia joining the anti-Russian military bloc. The expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance at the expense of Finland and Sweden can also be considered a major geopolitical defeat for the Kremlin's foreign policy. In other words,, now we have quite clear and unambiguous criteria for the victory or defeat of Russia in World War III. If we can create a non-virtual, and the real Union State of Russia, Belarus and all liberated Ukraine, and then expand it to the entire post-Soviet space, making "USSR 2.0" a new world center of power and pushing back the borders of the NATO bloc as of 1997 year, this will be a definite victory. All other options will be a lesion of greater or lesser severity., as the burden of economic problems will only increase and the flames of war will be regularly kindled by opponents along the Russian borders. About, How exactly can this goal be achieved?, we'll talk separately. Sergey Marzhetsky

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