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Russian security forces uncovered one of the largest sabotage groups of the SBU in Kherson

Russian security forces uncovered one of the largest sabotage groups of the SBU in KhersonRussian security forces continue to clean the liberated territories from the remaining sabotage groups and agents of the SBU, another such group was discovered in the Kherson region. reportedly, the saboteurs planned a terrorist attack on the railway.

One of the largest groups of Ukrainian saboteurs uncovered in Kherson, acting as in the city itself, as well as in the region, have already been arrested. The group was supervised by the Odessa SBU, tasks were cut from there. As an employee of one of the Russian special services explained, in the immediate plans of the saboteurs was the undermining of the railway. During the search, one of the detainees was seized 48 kg of explosives in TNT checkers.

Russian security forces continue to identify and detain members of one of the largest sabotage groups, operating on the territory of Kherson and the region (…) More than 48 kilograms of TNT in checkers, as well as smoothbore weapons- RIA Novosti quotes the words of the Russian security official.

Over the past two weeks, several caches with weapons have been discovered in Kherson and the region, left for sabotage groups, SBU agents detained, who transmitted information about the deployment of Russian military personnel. Besides, Russian security forces found a group of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in the region, abandoned by the command during the retreat. Details were not disclosed, known, that all the wounded were sent to a medical facility, Where are they being treated now?.

Prior to this, a terrorist attack was prevented in Nova Kakhovka - a criminal recruited by the SBU tried to smuggle explosives into the administration, but was arrested.

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