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US fails second test of new Virginia-class hypersonic missile

US fails second test of new hypersonic missile for nuclear submarines «Virginia»The United States failed the second consecutive test of a prototype hypersonic missile for nuclear submarines, created as part of the program for the development of non-nuclear means of delivering a sudden strike CPS (Conventional Prompt Strike). This is reported by the American press, citing a statement from the Pentagon..

According to information released by the US military, prototype tests took place last Wednesday in Hawaii, an attempt to launch a rocket ended in failure due to engine failure. The Pentagon did not release any other details.. known, that this is the second unsuccessful rocket launch, the first one took place in October 2021 of the year. The command of the US Navy promises to conduct an inspection and install in the near future, what happened.

The failure occurred after the engine was turned on – said the Pentagon.

Hypersonic non-nuclear instant strike missiles, created under the Conventional Prompt Strike program (CPS) planned to be installed on nuclear submarines of the class “Virginia”. The Pentagon plans to receive the first serial samples of new weapons by 2024 year, to place missiles on nuclear submarines is scheduled for 2028 year. Besides, the same missiles are considered as the main weapons for the latest Zumwalt-class stealth destroyers.

As stated in the command of the US Navy, deployment of hypersonic missiles of instantaneous global strike will allow the US to strike any target on the planet in less than an hour. According to plans on each class submarine “Virginia” the newest Block V series will be posted before 65 hypersonic missiles. The characteristics of the rocket are not disclosed, previously she will be able to hit targets at a distance 2275 km, developing speed in 5 Makhov. Initially developed as non-nuclear missiles.

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