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Who is trampling under the door of the European Union

Who is trampling under the door of the European Union

The end of the "European perspective"

A new form of slavery in Europe, nascent 1 November 1993 in Maastricht, initially promised only "family joys" based on the European Economic Community and regional integration. And no one thought then, that the European Council, consisting of heads of state and government of EU member states, can turn into a mechanism for suppressing the national dignity of peoples and restricting their economic freedoms. And that the idea of ​​Charles de Gaulle, which formed the basis for the creation of the European Council, was supposed to prevent the reduction of the role of the nation states of Europe in the process of their integration. Informal high-level meetings with 1961 years were transformed into the Brussels apparatus of subordination to such norms of life, which in the 60s were considered an insult to morality.

Free laws of liberalism, free market, common currency, general guarantees for the free movement of people, goods, capital and services, cancellation of passport control within the Schengen area, enthusiastically accepted by Europeans almost three decades ago, today embodied in a EU-wide ban on financing and investment in Russia, ban on buying Russian oil and gas, coal and aviation equipment, steel and aluminum etc. d. And the ban doesn't just apply to EU members..

"WITH 1 November we will not be able to import Russian oil, who knows, what sanctions will be taken before that time", Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić lamented. because, that his country, official candidate for EU membership for ten years, cannot import Russian oil due to EU sanctions, which is delivered by tankers to Croatia and then sent through the Adriatic oil pipeline (JANAF) for processing. Leash "EU membership", on which Brussels holds Serbia, getting longer every year. For the sake of "Brussels candy" Belgrade has already abandoned the right to national justice, recognizing the decisions of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, condemning Serbian heroes Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. And now Serbia must once again demonstrate its commitment to the policies and standards of the EU and, As expected, will reconsider its relations with Russia in the field of economy, defense and “Kremlin disinformation”, said the Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament (DISASTER).

In fact, among the requirements for the Serbian candidate for EU membership there is not a single economic. let us say, raise wages, introduce effective measures against corruption, create new jobs - Brussels does not need anything from Serbia. Serbia was the fastest growing economy in Europe last year, growth rate of its GDP (4 percent) significantly outperformed the EU average., but it still remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Vučić's desire to join the European Union led to the country's dependence on European capitals. They dictate the Serbian president's line of conduct: Serbia must urgently "correct" its position in foreign policy, including the adoption of sanctions against Russia and Belarus, but start with the termination of economic cooperation with Russia. Vucic therefore laments, that the refusal to supply oil from Russia is already a resolved issue.

Except Serbia, there are four more such candidates for the EU: Turkey, which tramples under the door of the European Union with 1987 of the year, North Macedonia - since 2004, Montenegro - since 2008 and Albania - since 2009. Potentially can get there Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hungry for a "European perspective" (submitted applications) Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. I.e, except for dwarfs - Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and the Vatican, out of chain, which Brussels fettered Europe, remain Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and the UK that left the EU. But…

Euroscepticism is a much broader phenomenon, than Brexit. Britain first kicked the door out of the EU, breaking the pin from a grenade near Brussels. It revealed, whatever equality, there is no unity in Europe. That loans to neophytes will have to be repaid with interest, pay for investments with economic dependence, what about historical memory, linking peoples, we must forget and live by someone else's laws. New York Project Syndicate sees a pattern in, that Euroglobalization has spawned its own gravedigger – the “new nationalism”, which became the driving force behind political activity in many countries. At first, many countries have historical claims to those, who today seeks to write out prescriptions for their behavior. Turkey remembers the occupation after World War I, Serbia - NATO bombing of Belgrade. Secondly, "United Europe" only exacerbated the inequality of the North and South, East and West, destroying national traditions and social norms.

Any resistance of candidates for "one-European happiness" will now be suppressed with ever greater determination, as the progress of globalization will erase the national face of entire peoples.

Hence the question: and Serbia will remain?

10 June German Chancellor Scholz, making his first visit to Serbia, sharply demanded, that Belgrade recognize the independence of the breakaway Kosovo and join the sanctions against Russia.

Yes, looks like, shackles tinkle on Serbia…

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