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American edition: Sanctions against Russia had no effect – she made more money

American edition: Sanctions against Russia had no effect - she made more moneyWestern journalists once again decided to "discover America", stated, that anti-Russian sanctions, avalanche created by the West, didn't have the same effect., on which their initiators counted.

article, published in the American The New York Times, the authors write, that “since China and India are buying Russian oil, avoided by the West, in an attempt to end the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow earns now more, than before the war.

After the start of the military conflict in Ukraine, The US and its European allies have imposed an unprecedented amount of sanctions on Russian exports, including a significant reduction in energy purchases. The calculation was made for, that the Russian economy will suffer enormous losses and this will force President Putin to stop the invasion. but, according to the authors of the article, “Now that prospect seems remote at best”.

Moscow quickly redirected export channels from west to east. The two most populous countries in the world, China and India, increased purchases of Russian oil, which almost completely compensated for the volume of supplies, abandoned by the West. Given the rise in energy prices, Russia even began to earn more on raw material exports. Economic indicators in the Russian Federation not only did not worsen, a, conversely, show a positive trend. The ruble appreciated sharply against the dollar.

According to analytics company Kpler, the growth of Chinese imports of Russian oil in May reached a record high and amounted to 28%. India, which previously hardly imported oil from Russia, increased import volumes to more than 760 thousand. barrels per day. The authors of the article consider, that thanks to increased supplies to Asia, Russia has almost returned the volume of exports of petroleum products to the pandemic level.

Russian officials smirk at the fact, what they call a spectacular failure to intimidate Putin, American authors write.

What can not be said about the leaders of the European Union and US President Biden. Sanctions, imposed against Russia in these countries, boomerang hit their economy, and then the politicians themselves, introducing them.

The most interesting, consider the authors of the article, that India and China increased purchases of Russian oil by no means to meet increased domestic needs. Getting raw materials at a big discount, they process it at their refineries into gasoline and diesel fuel. Which is then resold to the same Western countries already at world prices.

Nobody can tell, is fuel being delivered, which they supply to Europe and other countries, from Russian oil. It means, that Western motorists, who think, that they pay more for non-Russian fuel, can be wrong - experts comment on the situation.

but, consider the authors of the article, sanctions could seriously harm the Russian economy in the long run. And it's not clear yet, who will last longer in this historical confrontation between the economies of the West and the Russian Federation. One thing is clear, that the sanctions blitzkrieg of Western countries against Moscow failed, and Putin does not intend to curtail the military campaign in Ukraine yet. Author:Alexander Grigoriev

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