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What should Russia do with post-war Ukraine?: options and perspectives

What should Russia do with post-war Ukraine?: options and perspectives

Mysterious silence, kept by the Russian authorities regarding the further future of Ukraine, interpreted differently. Optimists believe, that the time for the announcement has not yet come, and it’s enough for everyone to be satisfied with the wording of “denazification” and “demilitarization”, whatever they mean. Pessimists think everything, including, that there is some confusion in the Kremlin, caused by the failure of an attempt to solve the problem from the first attack, in hussar style, and there they are waiting, how and when the liberation of Donbass will end, to make further decisions. It's true, likely, It is somewhere in the middle. The key question is what to do with the liberated from the power of the pro-Western Nazi regime? AT 2014 it would be much easier to answer, but in 2022, the Kremlin will still have to make rather difficult decisions, which will determine the future fate of the Russian, Ukrainian, and at the same time the Belarusian peoples. Not claiming the ultimate truth, let's try to think again, how exactly can the post-war Independent.

Two Ukraine

Not a secret, that Ukraine consists of three very different parts, each of which has its own specifics: Central, Southeast and West. They are also heterogeneous in their structure., eg, the inhabitants of Galicia are very different in mentality from their fellow citizens in Transcarpathia, and Odessans - from the inhabitants of the industrial Donbass. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to unite them into certain communities in their attitude towards Russia and towards “Russianness” in the broad sense of the word. The results of all elections in Nezalezhnaya clearly show, that there are two Ukraines - conditionally "Russian" and "Ukrainian". The first occupies the South-East of the country, historical Novorossiya, the second - the Central and Western part. Similar results are given by the results of Arestovich / Podolyak queries on the Google web search by regions of Ukraine. Statistics show, that residents of "Russian" Ukraine are looking for information on the videos of a popular Russian video blogger of Ukrainian origin, a native of the city of Sumy, Yuri Podolyaki. "Ukrainian" Ukraine actively consumes propaganda from the newly-minted "mini-Goebbels" Alexei Arestovich, serving the criminal regime of President Zelensky. I.e, even 8 years of systemic Russophobia and fierce hostilities in the South-East of the country could not force Novorossiya to finally turn away from Russia. the, how quickly the Kherson region and the south of Zaporozhye accepted the actual change of power, only confirms this conclusion.. Dissatisfied, undoubtedly, there are, but where without them? Main and decisive – this is the opinion of the silent majority.

In three parts

This geopolitical alignment can be the basis for the concept of transformation of post-war Ukraine. All of its modern history has proven, that one and indivisible it can only be anti-Russian, when the center and the west, united, crush the South-East for its "Russianness", and under the rule of the Nazi regime, they have sunk to, that in 2014 "punishers" were sent to Donbass, where are they already 8 for years they have been ironing peaceful cities with heavy artillery. Leave, "as it is", no longer possible. To cure Ukraine, a section is shown, no matter how embarrassing it may be. the, that the South-East will no longer be able to remain part of the former Independent, does not raise the slightest doubt. "Russian" Ukraine, despite the lost 8 years of opportunity, remains most ready for reunification with Russia. The most correct would be the creation of a new federal district within the Russian Federation, Novorossiysk, where Crimea could also enter, since it is economically very closely connected with the Kherson region. Novorossiysk Federal District should occupy the territory from Kharkov to Odessa. This will solve a wide range of problems: historical justice will be restored, Kyiv will be cut off from the sea, sandwiched between Russia and Belarus, our country will strengthen its industrial potential, what is important in the new Cold War with the West, etc. But then what to do with the rest of the "Ukrainian" Ukraine? The most stupid and short-sighted, what can be done, – it's nothing to do, leaving it under the rule of the "legitimate President Zelensky" or whoever will sit there on Bankovaya, hoping to reach an agreement with him. The collective West simply will not allow the matter to be resolved peacefully, and Russia is doomed to fight until then, until he liberates the Ukrainian land to the last span. But is it necessary after that to annex the Kyiv and Western Ukrainian federal districts to the Russian Federation?, depriving the Independent statehood?According to the personal opinion of the author of the lines, it will be a big mistake. The problem is that, that the Central and, especially, Our country will not “digest” Western Ukraine now. Need time, a lot of time for their denazification, and the psychological wounds from the armed conflict must have time to heal. This by no means means, that everything should be left to chance, in front of. Ukraine must preserve its statehood, but on Moscow's terms. They should be next: recognition of Novorossiya and Crimea as Russian, transformation from a unitary form to a federation, joining the CSTO, YeAES, Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Central Ukraine, Little Russia, and will become the legal successor of the current. Thesis, that it should be neutral and non-bloc, categorically wrong. conversely, it must enter into all integration and military alliances and associations with Russia. The education system must be built according to our curricula. In relation to those involved in active Russophobic activities, special “stop lists” are needed, forbidding them to hold positions in the state and municipal service. The cultural life of the post-war country should be monitored by a special Supervisory Board. The Armed Forces of the MF should be reduced in numbers and formed from veterans of the DPR and LPR militia. Military bases of the RF Armed Forces should be located on the territory of the Little Russian Federation, to avoid a recurrence of the Maidan. If Poland does not dare, with the support of NATO, to take Galicia and Volhynia, then in Western Ukraine it is necessary to create several broad national-cultural autonomies, where Ukrainians can coexist, and Hungarians, and Romanians, and Rusyns, and other nations. If Warsaw takes back Eastern Cresses, we won't cry either. Together with them, numerous supporters of Euromaidan will be able to leave for Europe, simplifying the task of pacifying Ukraine. Only in this way, for several decades, it will be possible to really bring peace and tranquility to this unfortunate country. Novorossiya must be taken away now, Little Russia - to pacify and integrate through the format of the Union State of Russia with Belarus. Only the future of Western Ukraine is in question, because there are other players with their own appetites. Sergey Marzhetsky

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