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Animal bones in survival and offline farming

Animal bones in survival and offline farming

In ancient times, the ancestors of people did not have at hand high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of tools.. A meager arsenal of resources made up a tree, stone and bones. Many necessary things were made from them..

many tribes, hunters, used in the economy parts of animals. The application was also for bones. Today, some of these recipes remain relevant..

Bone broth

The bones are nutritious and rich, they make a good broth base.. For cooking, place them in a container., add water and boil for a couple of hours. Before the end of cooking, add the rest of the ingredients., available. The result is a wonderful product with many useful substances..

Bone flour

Unpretentious to production conditions, made from waste of bone origin and unclaimed organic parts, by grinding. Boiling helps to facilitate the production process. It allows you to disinfect the material and creates conditions for long-term storage.. The product is rich in phosphorus and can be used as a fertilizer. In severe situations, the resulting substance can be mixed with liquid and eaten..


Bone matter is strong enough and easy to process. For the manufacture of tools of a piercing or cutting principle of action, a workpiece of a suitable size is required. The main stage is produced by exposure with a rough texture. This will help to give the product the desired shape.. The final step will be grinding and sharpening. A smooth stone surface will do here..

Performing bone processing, organic origin should be taken into account. Accidental injury, even a microscopic cut, can lead to inflammation of the damaged area. And the lack of antibiotics and sterile dressings will end in a disastrous outcome..

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