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How to get food in the wild?

How to get food in the wild?

The simplest tools will help you get food in the wild, which even an inexperienced person can use.


Surely every motorist has. Can be used to harvest edible plants: yams, tiger nut, thistle, cattail and root crops. The latter are the most nutritious. They have a lot of fiber, starch, complex sugars.

The main thing to remember about some simple rules. Root vegetables are different. Some fit raw, others will require heat treatment. Before, how to cook any root, needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

The shovel is a handy item, but it is not suitable for every soil. Chernozem is the most ideal for digging..

casting network

To use it, it is desirable to have a license. But in some regions it is not required., if the network diameter is less than 2 m. The casting net is used to catch river dwellers, plants, shellfish. It will also come in handy when creating a shelter..

Butterfly net

Helps to catch insects, nutritious proteins and fats. Among them are locusts, crickets, grasshoppers. They can be fried. There are several ways to use a sling. Catch flying insects, waving in the air. Collect insects from plants.


It must be licensed, that the energy from the shot is more 7,5 J.. You can hunt rabbits with it, rats, lizards, protein, birds. The main thing is to have a good eye or the ability to hit right backhand.

All these tools are known and with their help you can feed yourself in the wild.. The main thing is to use them correctly.. This will allow you to survive and become an experienced hunter or gatherer.. Everyone should have these tools., who seeks to survive in difficult conditions, wanting to get food.

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