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Alexander Rogers: Psychological portrait of a mass murderer

Alexander Rogers: Psychological portrait of a mass murderer

I always stand for that, to call a spade a spade. No need to call a defective with a gun from Perm "shooter".

The shooter is a cool King character. The shooter is the call sign of my old Vinnitsa friend, which King has read. Rogue Shooter is a combat unit of Sherwood Forest. A motorized rifleman is a modern Russian infantryman.

And this is a defective loser with a downed life program.

Moreover, this is not an attempt to somehow emotionally react., a dry assessment of the facts. Lend yourself: eighteen-year-old offended, in his own words, several years planned "revenge". Because he's a loser, who failed to socialize, and therefore he was despised.

And this is not Edmond Dantes for you, Count of Monte Cristo, who has been preparing exquisite revenge on his offenders for many years, mind you - targeted, by name (and, note, didn't kill anyone). No, he did not fight back his offenders, but instead killed a few random people. Taking revenge on the world, that he is a dumb loser.

I'll tell you more. «Geeks and nerds are often poorly socialized, especially in childhood. And are often bullied by the blunt and the strong. But this does not prevent them from self-realization., learn and succeed - in science, technique, build a career in IT.

And this is the "inability". My friends and I came up with such a word more than twenty years ago., while still students. Unviable mediocrity.

There are some incomprehensible characters in Telegram (most likely forelock non-brothers from Nedostrana) tried to create a fan club for this failure.

What is, properly, achievement?

Failure to "prepare for several years". Here are just normal people preparing for self-realization - they get grades in sports, study sciences, master professions and so on.

He wanted to prove! Proven. What a degenerate. Now no one doubts it. And no one will even remember his name, because it is impossible to even pronounce him on a piece of paper.

In a contest for losers, he would have taken second place.. Because a loser!

Here the other day in honor of the Russian gymnast, the super-difficult triple somersault was named "Nagorny's somersault" - this is an achievement.

Becoming an astronaut is an achievement.

Become a scientist, inventor, a good surgeon, an outstanding educator, talented writer, artist or musician is an achievement. It `s that, what will remain after you.

Vrubel's paintings, Tchaikovsky's music, works by Vernadsky and Tsiolkovsky, medical achievements of Pirogov, Berdyaev's philosophy - these are role models, this is what you need to strive for.

Do you want to prove, what are you cool - join the army, train as a commando, defend your homeland and fight terrorism. Kill in battle against superior forces of an armed enemy - this is true heroism.

There is no glory or heroism in the killing of unarmed. This is cowardice and meanness.

And the very first traffic cop shot the fool, even though, that he had a shotgun, and he shot first, and the policeman only has a pistol. Loser in one - loser in everything.

Well, the most important question: what's next? Even if the incapacity survives, then they already cut off his leg. And he will forever remain a one-legged invalid in prison or in a fool, where it will be turned into a vegetable by pills. Just "the kid went to success", which is already there!

Failure will never know a woman, won't start a family, he will never have children. Darwin Award to this loser, deservedly!

It's only a pity, that he has deprived the joy of life and the disclosure of his creative potential of other normal people.

P.S. Not, guys, I definitely have completely different heroes. This is not the scenario, who should be imitated.

Please note that the following extremist and terrorist organizations, prohibited in the Russian Federation: "Jehovah witnesses", National Bolshevik Party, "Right sector", "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (oup), "Islamic State" (IG, IGIL, Dais), Djabhat Fath al-Sham ', "Dzhabhat en-Nusra", "Al-Qaeda", "UNA-UNSO", "Taliban", "Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people", "Mizantropik Divizhn", "Brotherhood" Korchynskoho, "Trident th. Stepan Bandera ", "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists" (IU).

Alexander Rogers

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