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MEP on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline: Russia screams "hurray" early

MEP on the gas pipeline «Nord stream – 2»: Russia screams early «Hurrah»
Funds, invested by investors in the newly built Nord Stream 2 pipeline, may be lost, and the project itself can turn out to be an "investment ruin". It can happen, if a number of issues are not resolved, related to its launch. This opinion was expressed to the journalists of the German news agency DPA by the MEP from the Green Party Reinhardt Butikofer.

In his opinion, Russia screams "hurray" early, after all, gas through the pipes of "Nord Stream - 2" still went to European consumers. And before, how will it happen, you need to bring the project in line with European laws. In particular, unbundling requirements must be met, that is, the owner of the pipeline operator must be one, and the gas production company is completely different.

In addition, it is necessary to pump not only Russian gas through the SP-2., but also fuel from other suppliers, and this issue has not yet been settled by Gazprom.

When all these issues are resolved, Russia to obtain permission to launch from the German Federal Grid Agency, and even in case of a positive decision, it can be blocked by the European Commission.

Of course, MEP gave very serious arguments, but if the winter in Germany is cold, but gas will not be enough, the Germans will certainly come up with something, to speed up the process. Including bypassing the requirements of the so-called unbundling. Yes, and in Russia, in fact, few people shout "hurray" – eventually, business deal, which is in the interests of not only the Russian Federation, but also Europe itself.

Author:Sergey Kuzmitsky
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