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Azerbaijan throws off the guise of anti-secularism?

Azerbaijan throws off the guise of anti-secularism?

Information-analytical website today, 16 September published the news "Jews broke into Al-Aksu", with reference to the Turkish state agency "Anadolu". This is how the news sounds.

Group of 369 fanatical Jewish settlers, accompanied by Israeli police, invaded on Wednesday one of the shrines of Islam - the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.

Jewish settlers invaded the mosque through the Bab al-Magharib gate (Moroccan gate), located in the southwestern part of Al-Aqsa.

A group of Jews left the Al-Aqsa territory after walking through the courtyards of the mosque, clarifies "Anadolu" with reference to the Office of Islamic Foundations of Jerusalem.

Jewish settlers invaded the shrine in the morning and afternoon.

Noteworthy, that the headline of the news and the phrase "a group of Jews" betray latent or explicit hostility of the creators of the news to all persons of Jewish nationality, and not just to the radicalized citizens of Israel. Furthermore, 12 September has already published a similar news with the telling title "Jewish fanatics invaded Al-Aksu". maybe, such news feed in one of the media, loyal to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, seems strange, especially given the high level of relations between Azerbaijan and Israel, including in the military sphere. But only if we remember the text of the Shusha Declaration, signed by Ilham Aliyev and the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan 16 June 2021 of the year , then everything will become clear. This declaration contains the following passage.

According to the signed 10 December 2020 The sides, taking into account the capabilities of the Azerbaijan-Turkey media platform, will further strengthen cooperation between the relevant structures of the two countries in the field of information by the "Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey in the field of media", communication and public diplomacy, within this framework, active consultations and exchanges on information will be constantly held between the ministers of foreign affairs.

In other words, now Turkey and Azerbaijan will pursue a joint media policy. It will not be superfluous to remember, that the doctrine "One nation, two states"The President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev was created to bring Azerbaijan closer to ethnically and culturally close Turkey, not Israel. Further, on the combat positions of the Azerbaijani military personnel during the second Karabakh war, the flag of Turkey was present next to the flag of Azerbaijan, not Israel. Finally, don't forget about, that the Pan-Turkist organization "Gray Wolves", associated with Erdogan's allied Nationalist Movement Party Devleta Bahceli, as well as the secular opposition support the Palestinians and criticize Israel. But the Party of the Nationalist Movement is in many ways an ideological guideline for the Turkic nationalists of the countries of the post-Soviet space. In Azerbaijan itself, with the tacit approval of the authorities and Ankara, there is a popularization of Sunni Islam, whose followers will definitely not consider Israel a brotherly country. Turks, and not necessarily related to official power, also do everything for that, so that Azerbaijanis stop considering Israel a friendly country. A good example of such activity of Turkish citizens is the article “Palestinian-Israeli relations: fakes and reality "in the pro-Erdogan public" Voice of Turkey ", which was published yet 18 November 2018 of the year. With regard to economic and military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel, then it is in no way capable of preventing the deterioration of attitudes towards Israel and Jews in Azerbaijani society, what can be proved by the example of Turkey. Turkey and Russia have a large trade turnover, Russian specialists are building the Akkuyu NPP, the Turkish army received Russian S-400 complexes, however, this does not prevent the two countries from being competitors and adversaries in many countries and regions of the world. Respectively, trade and military cooperation with Israel does not guarantee, that Azerbaijan will not oppose the Jewish state in the international arena. Besides, we must not forget, that the administrative and military personnel of modern Azerbaijan were largely trained in Turkey and it was with the comprehensive support of Ankara that Azerbaijan was able to conquer most of Nagorno-Karabakh. And taking into account that, that Israel supports Turkey's adversaries in the Eastern Mediterranean, Azerbaijan one way or another will be forced to help Turkey in the conflict with Israel. In this way, with Turkish help, Azerbaijan will throw off the mask of feigned secularism.

Petr Makedoncev

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