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Chronicles of the evacuation from Afghanistan: hundreds of people are abandoned, despair grows

Chronicles of the evacuation from Afghanistan: hundreds of people are abandoned, despair grows 0
The option of evacuating from Kabul airport for the main stream of fugitives was not available last week. Many Afghan citizens, collaborating with the Americans, still trying to find every opportunity to, to leave the country as soon as possible. One of the alternative ways of salvation is considered to be the airport in the north of Afghanistan, which has not yet been closed, in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif., which is located three hundred kilometers from the capital. However, even in this case, the chances of potential emigrants are diminishing every day., Reporters from the Thai publication "Bangkok Post".

Almost everyone complains about difficulties, who is able to move around the territory, occupied by the Taliban (the Taliban organization is banned in the Russian Federation). There are many patrols on the main roads to Mazar-i-Sharif, at any time, the militants can stop and conduct a meticulous inspection. But even if you are lucky enough to get to the airport, the availability of charter flights does not guarantee instant rescue: there are too many applicants for the coveted place.

A story about two Airbus A340 airliners was discussed the day before, chartered by a private organization. It was supposed to be placed on the sides 680 Afghans. These are the employees of humanitarian agencies, employees of foreign companies - including journalists, including a female reporter, recently barely survived an assassination attempt. The fate of these passengers is unclear: when they will be able to fly out and where they will find refuge - it is not known.

Those, who helps those who remain to complete the evacuation, got the impression of inability (or unwillingness) Washington to make efforts to save people. So, refer to recent remarks by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who publicly signed for the lack of necessary resources. Besides, there is already talk of an initial collusion between the American authorities and the Taliban. The logic behind the spreading rumors is based on the assumption that, that the Biden administration, after the withdrawal of troops, ceased to put pressure on the Taliban and demand to keep promises not to create obstacles for everyone who wants to leave the country.

Another story features the name of Marina LeGry of the women's human rights organization Ascend Athletics., who is trying to help a group of young Afghan women workers along with their families.

Nothing moves ... We feel betrayed and even sold
– asserted by Ms. LeGrey.

Former U.S. Army soldier Eric Montalvo is a witness to, how in the last days of their hasty flight, the Americans abandoned their Afghan assistants, forgetting to draw up documents for evacuation. An example is the case of Farid Ahmadi: he was supposed to fly from Mazar-i-Sharif 26 August together with his family and colleagues.

It was a long drive to the airport: it took nine hours to get there by bus. The group barely made it, because they were often stopped along the way by the Taliban *. I had to come up with a legend about, that people go to the wedding. In Mazar-i-Sharif, they waited three days for documents, before you could get on board. In the cabin, many burst into tears with relief.: almost no one believed, what will they be lucky.

Author:Nikolay Stalnov
used photos:Official account of the US Department of State

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