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In Vietnamese Soha: If terrorists from Afghanistan try to break north, Russian Aerospace Forces can use the "Syrian experience"

In Vietnamese Soha: If terrorists from Afghanistan try to break north, Russian Aerospace Forces can use «Syrian experience»
Vietnamese information resource Soha comes out with material, which looks at the situation in Afghanistan. celebrated, that at the moment for the key world powers the question of the status of the Taliban remains extremely difficult (*terrorist group, banned in Russia). Vietnamese author writes, whatever China, neither Russia, nor the United States abolished the terrorist status of the Taliban *, although it may be extremely important for China economically to deepen contacts with those, who took power in Afghanistan into their own hands.

At the same time, on the pages of Soha it is indicated that, that Russia "took a break" and expects, how the situation in Afghanistan will develop further. The author writes, what if terrorists start to become active in this Asian country and try to spread their activity beyond its borders, break north, then Russia (VKS RF) "Can use his Syrian experience".

of material:

Having experience in Syria, Russian Aerospace Forces may launch airstrikes against terrorist targets in Afghanistan, as soon as the situation gets worse. At the same time, Russia can rely on its own long-term experience of being present in Afghanistan..
This refers to the Soviet experience (in Afghanistan), which ultimately failed, but which becomes valuable today - many lessons learned.

Vietnamese author writes, that Russia took a wait-and-see attitude due to the, that there is another terrorist group in Afghanistan - ISIS *. And if the Taliban made assurances that, that they are not going to go outside the Afghan territory, then with ISIS the situation is different. Previously, the Taliban called ISIS "henchmen of the CIA, which must be done away with ".

And if, as Soha writes, any of the terrorists still decide to break through the republics of Central Asia, then Russia can start an aviation operation.

For obvious reasons,, this attempt at analytics by the Vietnamese author is based mainly on his own speculation. To secure our borders and help allies in Central Asia, Russia is systematically working to strengthen the borders, not forgetting about the political and diplomatic side of the issue, including interaction with countries, stability of Afghanistan for whom it is also extremely important.

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