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British Air Force pilot told, how a transport plane almost got into a crash at the Kabul airport

British Air Force pilot told, how a transport plane almost got into a crash at the Kabul airport
The incident took place 26 August, after massive terrorist attacks on the territory of the Kabul airport. However, the details became known only the day before.: the information was obtained by the journalists of the British round-the-clock channel "Sky News", infiltrating Bryze Norton Air Force Base in Oxfordshire.

One of the storytellers was a direct participant in the events - flight commander K. Latchman, who was at the helm of the C-17 transport aircraft that day. The board has already received permission to take off and began to accelerate, when there were three buses on the plane's trajectory, overcrowded with Afghans.

People drove across the takeoff transporter to the nearest free plane, in panic fleeing terrorist attacks, thundered at the Kabul airport a few hours ago. Flight controllers warn British crew, and the C-17 was lifted into the sky in a matter of meters from ground transport.

Takeoff took place in already difficult conditions: the runway lighting line was de-energized. The sudden threat of collision was avoided thanks to the professionalism of the pilots: deviate at speed in 95 nodes were nowhere, I had to take the helm and squeeze all the power out of the engines. According to Commander Latchman, after a happy ending in the control room of Kabul, they got in touch and admitted that, that they were praying for the British - the observers no longer believed, that a miracle will happen and the pilots will have time to miss the bus caravan.

RAF aviation units were deployed in Kabul as part of Operation Pitting. This is how London called a multi-day evacuation program to evacuate subjects of the British crown from Afghanistan., as well as local Afghan civilians, seeking to escape during the capture of Kabul.

reported, that in general they managed to evacuate from above 15 000 human. For the British Air Force, this was the largest mission since World War II..

Author:Nikolay Stalnov
used photos:Official website of the RAF

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