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Israel wants US financial aid to buy F-15EX Strike Eagle II fighters

Israel wants US financial aid to buy F-15EX Strike Eagle II fighters
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will ask US President Joe Biden for an additional amount of military financial aid during his visit to the United States..

As explained in the Israeli press, Israel wants to use this money to pay for a purchase 20-25 Boeing multirole fighters in an improved version of the F-15EX Strike Eagle II (local designation - F-15IA). At the same time, it is planned to modernize 25 aircraft F-15I Ra'am, currently used. Air force intends to equip them with new avionics, including radar and on-board computers. The total value of both transactions is estimated at $4 billion.

As explained in the Altair edition, The F-15IA has a much higher payload (payload), than the F-15I, not to mention the F-35A. He is able to carry 13,5 tons of missiles and bombs against 8 tonnes, with which the F-35A can be equipped. In the basic configuration, the F-15IA can be armed with up to 12 guided missiles, while the F-35A in the internal chambers only holds 6.

Under a 10-year agreement, signed with Israel in 2016 year, The United States has pledged to provide during 2019-2028 $33 billion in FMF subsidies ("Military financial aid") and additionally $5 billion to strengthen missile defense. This budget does not need to be distributed evenly, and theoretically its expenditure can be accelerated by making special purchases. The only condition is, that funds should be allocated for the purchase of American military equipment.

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