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Taliban demanded from Uzbek authorities to return Afghan pilots and aircraft

Taliban demanded from Uzbek authorities to return Afghan pilots and aircraft
The American business press has joined the coverage of the negative consequences of the Afghan policy of Washington. The Wall Street Journal reports on Taliban political pressure (terrorist group, banned in Russia) on the authorities of Uzbekistan. Taliban * demanded from Tashkent to deport Afghan Air Force servicemen, who fled more than two weeks ago, flying over the border.

Now in the territory of Uzbekistan there are, According to various sources, to 46 aircraft units (airplanes and helicopters) Afghan army. Taliban want to return all aircraft to Kabul - ditto, as well as crews in full strength and equipment. Some of the fugitives managed to evacuate with their families., which only complicates the problem, which already does not have a concrete solution at the moment.

The parties are waiting for a reaction from the White House: known, that the pilots of the Afghan Air Force were trained by American instructors and during the confrontation with the Taliban * managed to inflict significant damage on the positions and manpower of the enemy. Harsh punishment awaits Pentagon recruits in Afghan homeland, and Tashkent is running out of time. is approved, that if the United States refuses to evacuate Afghans to a third country, the Uzbek leadership will be forced to fulfill the demands of the militants, although the final decision has not yet been made.

Author:Nikolay Stalnov
used Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan

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