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Alexander Rogers: A Brief True History of the United States

Alexander Rogers: A Brief True History of the United States

There is such a format for videos on YouTube, when in a few minutes the story of a country or phenomenon is told in a concentrated manner. So I decided to try myself in a similar genre and write a brief history of the United States. Go.

AT 1495 year the spaniards discovered a new continent, later named America. And they found gold there. And the natives, from whom this gold could be taken away. Then they began to actively torture, make slaves and kill natives (it was called "conversion to the true faith"), and take the gold home to Spain.

The British found out about this and also wanted gold. At first they just pirated, for which a number of the most frostbitten thugs received knighthoods from the British crown.

Then they decided to establish their own settlements., but since Spain had more ships and the fattest places, she had already taken control, then the British, living much further north, had to establish their colonies also much to the north.

There was significantly less gold in those places, so first settlers traded mainly by hunting and farming (in the north), and then they started growing tobacco, sugar and cotton (mostly in the south).

To do this, on the one hand, they enthusiastically began to cut the local population, and on the other import slaves in large quantities. And not only blacks from Africa were slaves, but also, eg, Irish, as well as convicts, convicted of various grave crimes.

After a while the colonies decided, that they don't want to pay taxes to the metropolis, and unleashed a war of independence. Another reason for the War of Independence was the prohibition of settlers to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains., where did the Indians live.

Americans are very fond of telling, how they defeated the British in the war of independence - they make films about it, release games and so on. But at the same time, they almost never show, what for, to screw up competitors, Spain entered this war on the side of the future USA, France and even Holland. The American militias themselves fought very badly, mostly ran from the British Expeditionary Force across the country, and without the help of the "great powers" nothing would have been achieved.

There was also the second Anglo-American war, which Americans do not like to remember for some reason. During the Napoleonic Wars, the United States decided, that Britain is too involved in European wars and they will be able to squeeze Canada and Florida under the guise. But it was not there. The small British corps not only repelled the next attempts of the Americans to take Quebec, but in the meantime he took Washington and burned the Capitol and the White House (then they had to be rebuilt). Plus the British navy killed a bunch of American pirates (privateers). The war essentially ended with a "white world".

Although then the Americans eventually inspired themselves, that won. They always do this.

For a while, the Americans have been looking, which of the neighbors to complain about, to wrest territories. Mostly unsuccessful, although Texas from Mexico they still accidentally managed to squeeze (yet again, mainly because, that the Mexicans themselves were not particularly interested in this war). by the way, Texas separated from Mexico because, that slavery was abolished there. But they won't tell you this.

Then boredom got the Americans to such an extent, that they started a civil war and began to cut each other. And they did it with such enthusiasm., that the losses in the civil war were the largest in the history of the United States. AND even World War II, Korea and Vietnam could not even come close to the civilian mortality rate. Americans hate nobody that much., as ourselves.

There was a lot that was indicative. for example, as Irish refugees, arriving in the country, fleeing artificial hunger (The Great Potato Hunger), immediately from the ladder of the ship they were recorded as soldiers, gave shape, rifle and sent to the front.

Of the funny: the whole war both sides (Yes, the confederates did it too, because the northerners had four slave states) actively freed slaves. But ... only strangers. Theirs were still kept in pens.

And even when slavery in the United States was formally abolished, the attitude towards blacks did not get better. They were not allowed to go to many places., they were not given civil rights, they were lynched and hanged, sometimes massively.

In addition to black slaves, there were also Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and so on). The attitude towards which was not much better, and who were massively used as almost free labor in the construction of railways, bridges, dams and other hard work. There is a TV series "Warrior", there it is shown quite clearly.

Well, of course, all this time in the background continued genocide of the native population of America - Indians

The romanticized period of American history - the so-called "Wild West". Briefly, this is when in most of the territory of the country you could be shot without reason and consequences. Just "because they can". And the only chance to survive was to start shooting first (true, "Bad guys" usually go in big gangs, what is hinting). However, if you watch the latest crime reports from the USA, then nothing has changed.

During World War II, the United States mostly sat behind a puddle., but decided to fight in Europe only then, when the defeat of the Nazis by the USSR has already become inevitable (or the obvious inevitability). At the same time, they repeatedly, in an illusory way, snatched away from the Japanese, littered the coast of Normandy (for some reason this shameful episode is also considered a feat for them) and destroyed several hundred thousand of the civilian population of Japan by nuclear bombing.

In general, the United States is much better at fighting an unarmed civilian population., than with any troops (even in slippers). They vividly demonstrated this in Vietnam., Where killed over six million civilians, but they still lost the war and fled shamefully.

Their other wars - Iraq, Afghanistan - going through roughly the same scenario: bomb the whole country, kill more civilians, lose to the partisans in slippers and escape.

Wherein in the United States itself, hundreds of thousands of homeless people, 15% population under threat of eviction, cardboard houses, millions of drug addicts, mass poverty, one third of the population is malnourished, and the stupidity and illiteracy of Americans has long become a household name.

I'm looking at this whole story, full of genocide, slavery, unmotivated and outrageous violence, lawlessness, censorship, persecution of dissidents and dissidents, hypocrisy and meanness - and I can't understand: why some consider it an ideal and a role model?

P.S. No, were in the USA and wonderful moments. for example, film "Easy Rider" inspired millions of bikers around the planet. But, if anyone has forgotten, the main characters were killed. Just, without any reasons. And so they have in everything.

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