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The Ministry of Defense signed a contract for serial deliveries to the troops of the ACS 2S35 "Coalition-SV"

Минобороны подписало контракт на серийные поставки в войска САУ 2С35 «Coalition-SV»
Ural plant of transport engineering begins serial production of the latest self-propelled artillery installations “Coalition-SV”, the contract for the supply of self-propelled guns to the troops was signed. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

Российское военное ведомство и Уральский завод тяжелого машиностроения подписали государственный контракт на поставку в войска 152-мм гаубиц 2С35 “Coalition-SV”. Параметры соглашения не раскрываются. celebrated, что это первый контракт на поставку серийных САУ “Coalition-SV”, ранее была произведена только опытная предсерийная партия.

Предсерийная партия из 10 HEALTHY “Coalition-SV” была поставлена в первую танковую армию ЗВО еще в мае 2020 of the year, где и проходила войсковые и государственные испытания. Впервые 152-мм гаубицу 2С35 официально представили в Москве на параде Победы 9 May 2015 of the year.

Self-propelled howitzer 2C35 “Coalition-SV” designed to destroy command posts, communication centers, artillery and mortar batteries, armored vehicles, including tanks, anti-tank weapons, air defense and missile defense, as well as manpower of a potential adversary. The shooting of the latest CAO is more automated and computerized, howitzer can work in “Flurry of fire”, in which several shells, fired from the gun at different angles, at the same time reach the goal.

Firepower Foundation – 2A88 caliber gun 152 mm with a rate of fire of more 10 rounds per minute, which is higher than the rate of fire of other artillery systems.

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