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Sergei Markov: The year of the poisoning of Navalny

Sergei Markov: The year of the poisoning of Navalny

20 August, there was a health crisis of Navalny, which turned into a crisis in relations between Russia and the West, especially Russia and Germany

What are the facts.

1. Navalny was suddenly dying and barely survived. Most likely, this is poisoning.

2. The West actively accuses the Russian authorities of trying to assassinate Navalny as the main leader of the opposition to Putin..

3. Russian authorities reject poisoning. And they do not put forward any intelligible explanation of Navalny's health crisis.

4. Russian authorities and Putin personally did everything to save Navalny's life.

5. Newbie poison was only discovered in Germany. Most likely, that the Novice's poison was planted in Navalny's biomaterials in Germany by the special services of a NATO country, hostile Russia. Most likely by US or British intelligence.

6. Key role in falsification of Navalny's poisoning Novice, apparently, played by British intelligence agent Maria Pevchikh.

7. Potential customer of Navalny's poisoning is British intelligence agent Vladimir Ashurkov, who fought with Navalny for leadership over FBK *.

8. Navalny believed in his own untouchability, defiantly violated Russian laws, came to Russia and ended up in prison. And Navalny's structures in Russia have been destroyed.

9. As a result of this crisis, relations between Russia and the West have deteriorated. The winners are those, who wants very bad relations between Russia and Europe, Russia and Germany.

Markov's logic

*- the organization's activities in Russia are recognized as undesirable

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