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"Many Poles Dream of Striking Russia": observer about the unwillingness of the United States to fight with the Russian Federation

«Many Poles dream of hitting Russia»: observer about the unwillingness of the United States to fight with the Russian Federation
The main threat to Poland is the gradual transformation of Russia into a "subject" of China, which in the end can "incite" the Russians against the West. Despite this danger, USA does not want to fight with Russia.

This opinion is expressed by the columnist Vitold Sokala on the pages of Defense24. In his words, a new world order is currently being formed based on the strategic rivalry between the West and the East, "Except that, that the headquarters of the Eastern Bloc is now in Beijing ".

In his words, so far, the Kremlin behaves relatively independently and is in no hurry to develop aggression in the West, as it will thereby lose the main buyer of its hydrocarbons. because she doesn't shoot the best customer in her oil and gas store. However, the Kremlin is gaining strength, confrontational. If they come to power, Poland will become a battleground in the first place.

In this scenario, Washington should be the main guarantor of security for Warsaw., however, recently there has been a serious deterioration in relations with the United States.. According to the author, Polish authorities went too far after the North Stream 2 deal between the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany, although it was dictated by Washington's desire to enlist the support of Berlin in its confrontation with the PRC and he "chose a side in the new Cold War" - the German missile frigate has already set off on an unprecedented voyage in the South China Sea.

We want, for America to protect our interests. And when it is not, start shooting right and left […] Americans will do without cooperation with the Poles. But for us that would be a fundamental loss
– the author notes, pointing, in particular, on the foreign minister’s trip to the PRC and statements about the possibility of a turn towards China.

As Sokala explains, Polish authorities lack strategic thinking, to understand the motivation of the American leadership:

The US has identified China as the greatest problem, and from this point of view, Russia is only a certain resource. Many Poles dream of a decisive strike against Russia, but, in terms of global rivalry with the PRC, The United States Doesn't Need It, at least, now
– indicates columnist.

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