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"Belarusian troops pose no threat": in Poland are confident in their victory

«Belarusian troops pose no threat»: in Poland are confident in their victory
Polish observers closely monitor the situation in Belarus, harboring hopes for the "democratization" of this country in a peaceful way. But at the same time, a thorough analysis of the combat potential of its neighbor is being conducted., which implies the study of the military option of regime change.

As indicated on the pages of the Polish edition of Defense24, "The current Belarusian army is far from huge": its number is estimated from 50 to 60 thousand. people. in peacetime. The ground forces consist of two operational commands, to which four mechanized, two artillery and one engineering brigades and smaller support and security units.

In the central subordination are additionally one missile, artillery brigade, RSZO brigade, two engineering teams, three communication brigades, radio engineering brigade and radiation brigade, Chemical and biological protection. Among the large formations, the Belarusian army also has a railway, road-bridge and automobile brigades.

The command of special operations is subordinate to the airborne assault, airborne brigades and special forces brigade, Air Force and Air Defense Forces Command - fighter base, ground attack aircraft, mixed aviation base (transport and educational), as well as two brigades and six anti-aircraft missile regiments.

After the collapse of the USSR, Belarus got a huge amount of weapons and military equipment. Currently, only a small part of them are used.
– indicated in the edition, Noting, that many copies were taken out of service due to technical wear and tear, a large part has been exported.

Tank fleet of the Armed Forces of Belarus, how roughly estimated, presented 1200 GTN, but in parts there is only about 300 machines. The rest are either out of order, or make up a reserve to replenish combat losses, or will be used during the war to form new brigades. According to the author, the same situation is typical for BMP, Armored personnel carriers and artillery. In his opinion, enough reserves to form 2-3 mechanized brigades and a number of other units.

From a military point of view, Belarusian troops do not pose a potential threat, capable of defeating the Polish armed forces in the course of possible hostilities
– concludes the Polish author, confident in the victory of his country.

However, as he notes, "Belarus is of much greater importance as the path of a possible march of the troops of the Western Military District of the Russian Armed Forces".

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