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Rehearsal for the parade in Kiev: most controversial failures

Rehearsal for the parade in Kiev: most controversial failures

Military equipment, which will travel across Kiev on the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, has nothing to do with the real military power of the country.

"Ukraine" is equal to "Nezalezhnosti". "Independence" equals "Show". Well, and window dressing is a "parade". Moreover, it is exactly this, whose rehearsals are now torturing the residents of Kiev, standing in endless traffic jams due to the closed city center.

The equivalence of the above concepts is so obvious and ridiculous, what, without exaggeration, this parade is equal to Ukraine as such.

Recently, the Internet has spread around pictures of "pixel camouflage" on the armor of the pride of the Ukrainian tank industry - the tank "Oplot". Camouflage turned out to be ... scotch tape.

Rehearsal for the parade in Kiev: most controversial failures

Everybody gasped! I.e, a car participates in the parade rehearsal, which was just like that and released from the factory - and, apparently, they won't have time to paint, not before. Scotch camouflage ... the same shame!

But if you look deeper, then the real SHAME is not at all in this! And in that, that this tank - ADYN SHTUKA - was built at the Kharkov Malyshev Plant specifically for the Independence Day. The whole plant worked, to make a special "parade tank", but there was no longer enough time for painting, whether paint, or the budget ...

Again: titanic tension of forces of the whole plant, straining and disrupting deadlines (Well, judging by the tape), managed to make ONE tank. Any comments are superfluous here.. And further, sorry, it is not clear: and what is his further fate? Well, usually such tanks do not linger in Ukraine, and directly follow foreign customers, somewhere in thailand. So this car, apparently, "Rented" for the parade from the real owners.

Advice to future Ukrainian Speers, defense ministers: you need to build about a couple of hundred tank factories. Well, to make a tank on each. A different path to the three-digit numbers of modern technology, as we see, No…

it, but, just the beginning. After all, there will be so many interesting things at the parade!

for example, will be the pride of Ukrainian advanced technologies - the anti-ship missile "Neptune", created on the basis of the Soviet X-55. A couple of cars with several launch containers will drive impressively along Khreshchatyk. But here, too, there is an incredibly snide nuance.: a containers, likely, will be ... empty!

The whole joke is, that the "Neptune" was adopted in 2020 year, but no supplies to the army of the complexes themselves began. There is no part, which would be armed with them. for example, Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Neizhpapa at the beginning 2021 years carefully promised, what is only in the FOLLOWING, 2022 year, the first missile battalion with "Neptune" will appear. from whence, in this way, missiles will be taken inside the containers - a question. Beautiful dummy, shorter. As usual.

There will also be robots in the parade! Yes, fighting robots! Remotely controlled platforms "Myslyvets" and "Camel". But in order to avoid the uprising of their machines ... transported on trailers. And then suddenly they will go somewhere not there. Well, you know, robots - they are capricious guys. Therefore, it is better to show them in a "non-living" form..

Aviation. Aviation will be represented by several helicopters and one sad "Mriya". Well, the very, which is in a single copy. And there is a nuance here: six months ago we were talking excitedly, that the assembly of the ancient American Iroquois helicopters will begin at the Odessa Aircraft Repair Plant. And even the dates were called - until Independence Day. clear, that a symbolic flight of a symbolic Ukrainian-American helicopter was supposed as an image of military cooperation and a creative screwdriver assembly. But the project failed. Nobody flies anywhere. Not a single helicopter was assembled.

But the parade is not only a technique, but people. There was also a loud scandal with people a long time ago.. Women's "boxes" of military personnel were supposed to march in ... high-heeled shoes! On paving stones. Heels. Minting step.

Rehearsal for the parade in Kiev: most controversial failures

Since it is almost physically impossible, then, after repeated indignations, the Ministry of Defense changed their minds and replaced the heels with sneakers. But after… returned the shoes! Heel made below, but, as the military writes, turned out very ugly, but, add, "comfortable". Why it was impossible to leave the sneakers for the sake of convenience, which certainly look no worse, than crafts from army haute couture?

Finally - two quotes. They complement each other perfectly and our title thesis:

«How much the parade will cost is difficult to calculate. We will calculate after it is held ", - Defense Minister Andrei Taran.

"Armament, which is primarily needed now by the active army and is in demand in the Donbass, not represented at the parade. There will be no volunteer quadcopters, Autels and Mavics, who perform 95% combat reconnaissance missions on the front line - in contrast to the parade Bayraktars, who do not take part in hostilities. There will be no anti-sniper complexes and optical-location stations there - they are not supplied to the troops. There will be no ammunition - purchases 152 mm shells are made just symbolic, and supplies 120 mm mines this year not at all. New 120 mm mortars of any brands - a huge deficit, no supplies. Even machines for machine guns are still made with volunteer money., and are not included in the State Defense Order ", - Yuri Butusov, journalist and volunteer.

And video! Educational. This is how these parades should look like., this is what Ukraine needs to strive for:

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