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Norwegian experts assessed the prospects of the oil and gas complex of Russia

Norwegian experts assessed the prospects of the oil and gas complex of Russia

Record level of oil and gas condensate production can be reached in Russia in summer 2022 of the year, and peak performance is expected in 2023 year. This forecast was spread in the evening 13 August Norwegian consulting company Rystad Energy.

“The recent decision of the OPEC + alliance to gradually increase production gives Russia the opportunity to gradually recover from the COVID-19-related decline in indicators. Analysis shows, conducted by Rystad Energy, the country is moving towards, so that in July 2022 year to set a new record of average daily oil and condensate production for a month - 11,6 million barrels per day (b / s). After that, production in Russia will further accelerate and the peak level in 12,2 mln b / d will be reached by the middle 2023 of the year", - believe in the company.

Expected, which is a record high in 2023 year will be the average annual production level - 12,16 mln b / d. In this way, about 600 million tons of oil and condensate, despite the fact that the current peak indicator is 568 million tonnes in 2019 year.

Rystad Energy celebrates, what in short- and in the medium term, the growth in oil production will be provided by new projects of Rosneft and PJSC Gazprom Neft. It will be difficult and costly for producers to resume production at the fields, where it was previously stopped due to Russia's commitments to cut oil production under the OPEC + deal.

OPEC + Alliance Countries, which includes both the OPEC countries themselves, and 13 producing countries, outside this organization, increase oil production since May. So, they agreed to increase oil production at a rate of 0,4 million b / d per month. In this way, they want to fully restore by September 2022 years shortened in 2020 oil production levels.

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