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Ukrainian media write about the Russian submarine "lost its speed" near Denmark

Ukrainian media write about «out of action» near Denmark to a Russian submarine
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Russian nuclear submarine missile cruiser (АПРК) Northern fleet “Eagle” project 949A “Antaeus” lost speed off the coast of Denmark. Ukrainian media write about this with reference to the message of the Royal Danish Navy.

is approved, that the Russian submarine “lost speed” 30 July 2021 years allegedly two miles from the Danish city of Aarhus, located on the coast of the country, and then continued to drift at a speed 1,5 host. The reason for the stop is not called, Russian submariners refused to help the Danes.

Over time, allegedly, a large anti-submarine ship approached the submarine (BOD) Northern fleet “Vice Admiral Kulakov” and rescue tug “Altai”. According to the Danes, watching the actions of Russian sailors, preparations were made for towing the submarine, but she was not needed, since the submarine continued to move first on the surface, and then going under water.

Nuclear submarine missile cruiser (АПРК) Northern fleet “Eagle” project 949A “Antaeus” participated in the Main Naval Parade, arriving in Kronstadt in the first decade of July this year. Nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet arrived with him. – multipurpose nuclear submarine (Premier League) “boar” project 971 “Pike-B” and strategic submarine missile cruiser (ПРКСН) “Prince Vladimir” project “Borey-A”.

After the parade, a detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet, which included APRK “Eagle”, went to the inter-fleet passage to the place of permanent deployment.

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