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Julia Vityazeva: Who lives well in a curved coordinate system

Julia Vityazeva: Who lives well in a curved coordinate system

We live in an amazing time ...

Earlier in order, to achieve something in this life, it was necessary to learn-learn-learn and plow-plow-plow.

And now…

You carry all sorts of crap on YouTube - and you are already a popular video blogger.

You nail the scrotum to the paving stones - and you are already an actionist.

You declare your homosexuality - and you are already a star of Muz-TV and SPIEF.

Roll up a dirty scandal - and you're the new sports superstar.

Shouting stupid slogans and walking around with a crumpled placard - and you are already an activist.

Alburov and Pevchikh - Investigation Department.

Sobol and Yashin are politicians in general.

And if you're not talking nonsense, do not run naked in public places, don't go to pickets, have a normal orientation, you are not a scandal, do not pour mud on your country, do not participate in squabbles, you are not lying and you are not sold for a small price list to everyone, who needs the services of another loudmouth freak - then you only have to, what to watch all this circus. In your spare time from the labors of the righteous.

I'm all for this? Yes, besides, that our coordinate system is somehow strongly curved. Not that side. And it will be extremely difficult to return it to its normal state..

Because while we have Venediktov, only Soloviev is opposed, there is one Gasparyan for every ten Sobol, and Shakhnazarov alone has to rake behind Dude, Sobchak and collective Akhedzhakova (not for breakfast will be mentioned) - this is all Sisyphean labor. Unfortunately.

of course, in recent years, titanic work has been carried out and our Augean stables have at least a little started to cleanse themselves of trash and filth. And that's fine. but they, who are doing this work - they are not two-core. And they need help.

Least, the, to listen to, what they're saying, and take their words, as a guide to action.

Then we will succeed. And, pretty soon. AND, if you're lucky, at least our grandchildren will grow up in a normal coordinate system, wherein, Yes!, there will be no easy ways, but then there will be no temptation to get easy fame and money in a shameful and primitive way.

Julia Vityazeva

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