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The United States intends to show Russia and China the "global capabilities of the American fleet"

US intends to show Russia and China «global capabilities of the American fleet»
U.S. Navy kicks off world's most global naval exercise since Cold War LSE 2021 (Large Scale Exercise 2021). According to the press service of the US Navy, the main warships and amphibious landing forces are involved in the exercises.

The exercises will take place immediately in 17 time zones and will last until 16 August. They are attracted 36 warships of five operational fleets, including aircraft carriers and nuclear-powered strategic submarines, deck and naval aviation, parts of the marines of the fleets and individual corps, etc., only about 25 thousands of troops.

Учения Large Scale Exercise (LSE) 2021 will demonstrate to our rivals, that the US military maintains a high level of combat readiness due to, and not despite the presence in different parts of the world
– said in a message from the command of the US Navy.

The main task – demonstrate the ability of the United States to wage war on several fronts at once and respond to the aggression of Russia and China. To this end, the exercises will be held, including, in Black and Mediterranean, East China and South China Seas. ie. teachings should show Russia and China “global capabilities of the American fleet” to conduct coordinated operations in several theaters of military operations at once, including Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

As stated in the command of the US Navy, an exercise of this magnitude was last held in 1981 year, but they have the same tasks. The American Navy will once again demonstrate “NATO's determination and US capabilities”.

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