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Is there a climatic weapon?

Is there a climatic weapon?

Floods in Germany, fires in Russia, Turkey

Powerful showers, which hit Germany, fires in Russia, Turkey raised the old topic again: can a person control natural phenomena? Climate change presupposes cataclysms, but how much can they be man-made? In other words, is there a climatic (geomagnetic, stratospheric, etc.. P.) weapon?

certainly, weather management technology is a reality. Suffice it to recall, how to 9 May clouds disperse over Moscow, if the weather did not match the festive mood and interfered with the air part of the military parade.

For the first time, they began to talk seriously about controlling the elements in the United States in the first half of the 19th century.. The first "successful" application of this technology occurred in 1916 year in Texas, where Charles Hatfield caused heavy rainfall with his invention. Then the downpours led to numerous destruction and loss of life..

Since the 90s of the twentieth century, the West started talking about the need to use such technologies within the framework of the "environmental agenda". And in the 2000s, the term "geoengineering" appeared. The governments of a number of countries understand this as a kind of foreign policy strategy..

edition The Guardian ten years ago wrote: “Geoengineering schemes are projects, designed to directly address the effects of climate change, usually by removing CO2 from the air or limiting the amount of sunlight, reaching the surface of the planet. Although large scale geoengineering is still under development, climate control advocates argue, that it may eventually become necessary, if the world wants to avoid the worst consequences ".

A variety of methods are used to influence climate: plastic polymers are used, adding lime to water, burying charcoal to hold carbon in the soil, specific grazing, release of sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight back into space, using drones to increase cloud cover over the ocean by spraying seawater into the air, painting roofs white to increase reflectivity and even placing tiny mirrors in the space between the Earth and the sun.

At the level of theory, ideas were put forward about the possibility of using geoengineering for the rapid elimination of natural disasters.. Was expressed, eg, view, what “If stratospheric sulphates, released during a major volcanic eruption in the Northern Hemisphere, could be quickly counteracted by the deliberate release of sulfates into the Southern Hemisphere, then both hemispheres would cool down; this would be a great victory to prevent severe drought ". However, all this remains at the level of hypotheses..

The definition of geoengineering was given by the American Council on Foreign Relations. It already speaks directly about climate management as a weapon.: “Geoengineering ... are those types of climate control technologies, which ... involve the injection of aerosol into the stratosphere, enrichment of the ocean with iron and dispersal of clouds using seawater… National security frameworks are inseparable from scientific, legal and ethical issues, related to these technologies in the same way, as it was during the development of the atomic bomb. If a great power, such as the United States, decides to deploy such technologies, it could ... lead to a climate arms race, taking into account the desire of states to manipulate the climate in their own interests ".

From here you can see, that climate weapons exist. Publication of the Council on Foreign Relations Foreign Affairs has been promoting the topic of geoengineering for many years. USA has a large number of patents in this area. Legalization of such technologies and their application will give American companies not only colossal profits, but also the "moral right" to be at the top of the pyramid in managing these processes.

One of the first patents in this area is US3613992. Name - Weather modification method. Robert Knollenberg is listed as inventor (USA). The patent was filed for registration in March 1966 g. From this time, we can begin the countdown of the practical use of weather modification technologies by the American government..

Another patent under the number US3564253 - System and method of irradiation of areas of the Earth's surface. Arthur Buckingham of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Patent dated 16 February 1971 g. This is not just about “planted” clouds, what can be done with airplanes, but also about a more point-by-point use of the method.

Interesting patent US5762298 - Use of satellites, orbiting the Earth, for modifying the effect of solar radiation on the Earth's weather cycles. Franklin Chen is the inventor, patent issued in June 1998 g. Besides, there are closed patents, in the possession of the US military.

repeat: there is no reason to doubt the existence of climate weapons. More difficult is the question of the relationship between the raging elements and the possible use of geoengineering as its "trigger".

A photo: REUTERS/David Swanson

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