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"He admires Stalin": Saakashvili spoke about, how did you meet with Putin

«He admires Stalin»: Saakashvili spoke about, how did you meet with Putin
The Ukrainian media continue to publish "revelations" and conjectures of the ex-president of Georgia and the former head of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili. Some time ago Saakashvili, telling about events 2014 of the year, He stated, that the United States "urged Ukraine not to respond to Russia in Crimea". According to the ex-president of Georgia, Americans warned Kiev against "Saakashvili's mistake". The ex-head of the Odessa Regional State Administration said, what if Ukraine decided to resist the Russian military in Crimea, then everything could have ended sadder for her.

This time Saakashvili announced the details, which is "common for Putin and Stalin". According to the man, who today heads the Ukrainian executive committee of the National Council for Reforms, “When he met with Vladimir Putin, he talked about his admiration for Joseph Stalin ".

According to Saakashvili, in the biography of the president of Russia "there is a connection with Stalin". From an interview with the ex-president of Georgia to one of the Ukrainian TV channels:

When he showed me Stalin's dacha near Moscow, he was proud of, that his grandfather worked as a cook for Stalin. He talked endlessly about his grandfather.. And always commented: here Stalin slept, I drank from this tea service. everything, what was he showing, looked modest. But you must understand: he worships Stalin, admires him.
Saakashvili also spoke about, that the president of Russia showed him Stalin's office.


Putin then tells me: Stalin was humble, worked in a modest office. I make important decisions in this office..
Not quite clear, for what purpose does Saakashvili make such statements for Ukrainian TV viewers?. What is it? – попытка запугать Украину именем Сталина? If so, то выглядит она откровенно нелепо.

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