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Russia may be blamed for flooding in Germany

Russia may be blamed for flooding in Germany

A series of natural disasters, that fell earlier on the South of Russia, did not bypass North America and Europe. Terrible wildfires are raging in the USA and Canada, and in Germany and neighboring Poland there were severe floods, leading to numerous destructions and human casualties. Who is guilty, and what to do? Western politicians and media stubbornly repeat about global warming, and therefore, those are guilty, who contributes most to it. However, not everyone agrees with this formulation of the question..

Currently, forests are burning not only in our Yakutia, but also across the ocean, in Canada and the USA. In extinguishing fires in the territory 13 states involved over 20 thousands of American firefighters. A misfortune of the opposite kind befell Europe, where heavy downpours caused floods. German rivers Ahr and Moselle overflowed their banks and flooded several cities and towns. More 200 thousands of people were in a position of siege without light and drinking water. Neither phones work, nor the Internet, cellular communication - only intermittently. Recognized as lost from above 160 human, even more 1300 missing. The German authorities call the incident the worst tragedy since the end of World War II and promise financial assistance to the victims. The floods also affected the southern regions of Poland's neighbors., Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium - For all our sympathy for the grief of Europeans, one fact remains unclear: why a rich and prosperous EU was prepared for a natural disaster much worse, than "bast" Russia. Where is the famous Germanic Ordnung? It turned out, the FRG authorities knew in advance, that a flood could happen, but did nothing to prevent disaster. And who will now be to blame? Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet to resign with her? E, no. Not so fast. Currently, the leading liberal media, owned by "globalists", developed an ebullient activity, promoting the thesis, that global warming is to blame for everything, not something else. And it fits perfectly into the current geopolitical agenda.. Europe promotes its "green course" for maximum "decarbonization" of the economy, and after them this ecological coven was taken up by the United States. It's simple: Brussels and Washington intend to establish and dictate to everyone the "green" rules of the game, introducing the so-called "carbon tax" for importers. It means, what's on the product, having a high carbon footprint in its production, increased duties will be introduced. First of all, this will affect steel producers, aluminum, cement, fertilizers, pipes, electricity, etc.. Our country is expected to be among the main victims, since the share of "green energy" in our energy balance is scanty. And by division, Western politicians and Russian pro-Western liberals will say. Moreover, you can throw from above for damage, inflicted by Russia on the civilized USA and Europe. What kind of damage? Yeah look: almost immediately after the floods in Germany, it became known, that the US President's Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry tried to persuade President Putin to stop using coal-fired power plants in our country. The case was presented as follows, as if the Russians are the main ones responsible for global warming, which has already led to wildfires in North America and floods in Europe. the, that the share of coal generation in the USA itself is higher, than in Russia, nobody cares, as well as the, that coal-fired power plants still smoke in Germany, Poland and even France, where is the highest share of nuclear power in the total energy balance. But it is so, trivia. The main thing is to appoint the main culprits.: this is Russia and, of course, China. For both of these countries, the West may issue an increased "climatic" bill., that not everyone in Europe shares the idea of ​​"ecological radicalism". So, eg, Bundestag deputy from the party "Alternative for Germany" Waldemar Gerdt quite rightly points out, that the local authorities are to blame for the flooding in the Federal Republic of Germany, who were warned in advance of the possibility of flooding, and their negligence in their duties:There is no climate change here, these are normal cyclical changes, who have always been on earth. It's just irresponsibility, negligence, carelessness of those authorities, who were supposed to monitor the condition of these dams and other devices. So that, as always, nothing personal, politics is politics, and business is business. And here, Unfortunately, innocent people suffered, who lost their lives, and property, and faith in your country and your government.
Reasonable words, but this position is very far from the political mainstream, when it is easier and more convenient to blame the responsibility for large-scale destruction and mass death of people on some abstract reason and, especially, on Russia.

Sergey Marzhetsky

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