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When the family nest turns into a jar of spiders

When the family nest turns into a jar of spiders

Entertainment shows often rely on conflict and aggression, although their task seems to be, to give the viewer positive emotions. Old-timers like “Let's get married” also adhere to the “scandalous” concept.!"Or" Fashionable verdict ", and lesser known analogues, such as "My mother-in-law is a monster".

The creators of these projects can be understood: "Emotional gum" brightens up monotonous everyday life, in which TV or YouTube are almost the only outlet for the layman. Condemn those, who makes money on it, senselessly. In addition, watching other people's squabbles and bad behavior can even be useful - for some it can save some from building a similar model of relations., and will help others to reduce the level of internal aggression.

Recently, the list of such shows was replenished with the "exclusive" program "Battle of matchmakers", the drama of which also boils down to a showdown, turning into a senseless and merciless squabble.

The essence of the project is, that the parents of a guy and a girl, who intend to get married, are subjected to various tests as youth, and their counterparts - who is more successful in education. Future son-in-law and daughter-in-law are checked for readiness for family life, mutual love, fidelity, economy, etc.. P. The results will depend on, Will the heroes give parental blessings or disagree with children's choices?.

As a result, another ugly grotesque came out on the screens..

At first, extremely strange, that in all the episodes shown, we are talking about pairs, who already live together, and on a separate territory and self-sufficiency. Why do they even need a "parental blessing"? It's culturally appropriate, where marriage remains an element of initiation, entering an independent life with established role models. But here they show people of a completely different formation, who take a wedding and starting a family much more casual. The parents' claims about, that the young are not ready for a formal union, - although cohabitation does not bother them at all.

Secondly, a few initial releases are not at all pleasing with intrigue: matchmakers for about an hour diligently portray a categorical protest and assure, that they would never accept such a "treasure", and in the finale, an idyll will certainly reign in beautiful interiors with touching speeches and flowers.

What then is the essence of the program? In the same, what other staged thrash shows such as "The Dinner Party" or "Temptations" were based on: in scandals, gossip and dirty tricks, such "fighting without rules", who are here for now, thank God, do not slide into blatant assault. The spice is given by the conflict of generations - the elders first come to the young ones to the apartment, check, how do they manage, horrified at their incredible slovenliness, fridges filled exclusively with pizza and sushi, intimate toys scattered here and there. At the same time, social networks are also audited., in which young people necessarily appear in an extremely unsightly form.

The thrift test is designed to humiliate modern "snowflakes" and "infantiles", who refuse to wash dishes with hands without gloves and scrub the floors in an inclined manner, crush grapes the old fashioned way (the groom is willing to just buy a bottle of good wine instead) and stuff like that. Matchmakers were prescribed simply enchanting arguments: “The thrill of cleaning is, to feel everything ", "I have always been trouble-free with my mother-in-law", “How are you going to live?"And as a control shot -" lazy selfish!»The groom may be reproached for, that he uses makeup for his beard and mustache, - "used to get along with soap".

The staging of these battles is sewn with white thread, if only because, that parents are young enough in all plots, these are not people of the "old school", who profess the idea, that life is work and trial, and pleasure is an impermissible luxury and vice. Attribution of some mossy patriarchal dogmas to them shows, that the authors of the show are still captivated by stereotypes, as if the transition to a new social status automatically makes people old and retrogrades.

Seriously speaking, the, of course, letting children go into adulthood is often traumatic for the father and mother: it is also banal jealousy, and loss of credibility, and forced reorganization of life, many years imprisoned for a child and a family nest, and the need to get along with new relatives, who didn't have to choose. These "quests", unlike television, not all pass. If in the show any problems are solved and ended with the blessing and planning of the wedding, then in life they just start with this. Therefore, from the point of view of reliability, the "Battle of matchmakers" is also meaningless, as well as in terms of humor.

But sensible instructions on the interaction of generations would not interfere with our society at all.

Lyudmila Semenova

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