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Sergei Markov: Avakov's resignation and US plans for Ukraine

Sergei Markov: Avakov's resignation and US plans for Ukraine

Official Kiev is categorically against the "Kremlin propaganda", that Washington removed Avakov from the post of Interior Minister

And asserts, what is it just a coincidence, that Avakov was at the post 7 years, nothing foreshadowed his resignation now, and he submitted his resignation "quite by accident" immediately after meeting with a senior US official, supervising Ukraine.

At this time, all of Ukraine, who knows well, who really makes the main decisions, wondering, why did the Americans remove Avakov? There are several versions.

1. Americans are taking him out of subordination to Zelensky and into the political sphere. To later replace the weak nimble Zelensky with a strong one, up to the throat in blood Avakov. therefore, they say, instead of Avakov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is just his man (This is true).

2. Americans remove radical Avakov, to get away from the radicalism of the Maidan. Because the Americans finally decided to instruct Kiev to comply with the Minsk agreements. therefore, they say, amendments submitted in parallel, mitigating suppression of the Russian language.

3. Americans remove Avakov for his help to Ukrainian oligarchs in resisting an order from Washington to transfer Ukrainian black soil and large chunks of the economy, together with the judiciary, under the control of foreigners. It is the gravest crime to steal from the owner. For this, the owner is ready to defiantly punish even the most faithful servant..

Judging by the speed with which George Kent removed Avakov, Americans have a specific plan now to change Ukraine.

Sergei Markov

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