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US aviation industry survives Pacific landing

Boeing accident 737 in Honolulu will not affect the position of the car in the world market, noted in the comment for ABF "Economics today» economist, civil aviation expert Dmitry Adamidov.

US aviation industry survives Pacific landing

Hawaii case won't affect Boeing 737

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States reported, that a Boeing cargo plane 737-200 Transair makes an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

The landing took place at night, and the US Coast Guard rescued both crew members. The cause of the disaster was a problem with the engines.: the pilots could not return to the airport and put the liner on the water.

Boeing shares fell by 1%, but the deceased plane was released in 1975 year, which is extremely high for civil aviation.

Boeing medium-range liner 737 manufactured in the USA with 1967 of the year and is the most massive aircraft in the history of the civil situation. More 1000 units of aircraft of this type are in the air at any time of the day.

Based on Boeing 737 more than a dozen aircraft models created, and the platform itself has survived four generations. The first is Original, to which the crashed plane belongs, second - Classic, third - Next Generation, and the fourth is MAX.

US aviation industry survives Pacific landing

The machine is actively used in the Russian Federation - the first Boeing 737-200 appeared in our country in 1993 year. At the beginning of the tenth years, the number of such machines exceeded five hundred, actually Boeing 737 replaced domestic airliners Tu-134 and Tu-154 in Russia.

Plus Boeing 737 is the sophistication of technology and its ubiquitous admission, and the minus is, that he replaced promising Russian cars, primarily the Tu-204 airliner, created with an eye to American products.

Boeing's fourth generation is being implemented today 737 – MAX. Questions arose after, how in 2018 and 2019 years, there were two crashes of this type of liners in Indonesia and Ethiopia, in both cases the MCAS system failed.

This raised questions about the future of Boeing's latest generation 737 in Russia.

However, until the MS-21 is fully ready, replace Boeing 737 it will be possible only for the Airbus family 320.

US aviation industry survives Pacific landing

«Boeing 737 is an important element of the Russian and world civil aviation park. Regarding the situation in Hawaii, then it will bring a certain nervousness to the aviation market, but we have before us an isolated case ", – states Adamidov.

The plane was cargo, the first generation - more advanced cars are coming to the Russian Federation today, and showed good aerodynamic properties, splashdown is not an easy task, where success depends not only on pilots, but also on the reliability of the machine.

Water landings due to engine failure sometimes happen. The most famous precedents are the splashdown of the Tu-124 in 1963 year on the Neva, after, how the engines ran out of fuel, and the Hudson's Airbus A320, after, how the propulsion systems failed due to a collision with birds. Both landings were successful, and all passengers survived the accident.

“After this incident, technical work will be carried out on the aircraft of this series., and their flights will continue ", – concludes Adamidov.

Boeing and Airbus dominate the world

Boeing's image 737 this case will not affect, the car has proven itself and will remain the most massive in the world, what is promoted as proven technologies, so and so, that the Americans are lobbying for the supply of these aircraft.

After the merger of Boeing and McDonnel Douglas, the merged company is a monopoly in the US civil aircraft market..

US aviation industry survives Pacific landing

“There are two fields in international civil aviation - Boeing and Airbus, they managed to push other manufacturers out of the market. The reasons were different, but there are also objective circumstances ", – summarizes Adamidov.

Boeing and Airbus have concentrated the main technological and intellectual capacities of the global aircraft industry.

"One side, this is the technical advantage of Boeing and Airbus, and on the other hand, they stifle competitors ", – states Adamidov.

This happened with domestic aircraft, which I stopped being used not only because of their loss in economy, but also thanks to international regulations, sharpened for Boeing and Airbus.

“Boeing and Airbus have not created innovative models for a long time., gliders remain the same, engines are being modernized, but there is no rapid technical progress, and this is also a consequence of their absolute leadership ", – concludes Adamidov.

There are questions about the prospects of MS-21

The question arises, can MC-21 move Boeing 737 on the world market or at least replace foreigners in Russia.

"Years in 20, if you set a goal, such a replacement can be achieved, but it won't happen quickly. MC-21 is in its most rudimentary state. This is not about swapping one taxi for another, the process is more complicated ", – summarizes Adamidov.

US aviation industry survives Pacific landing

MS-21 and Superjet-100 suffered due to Western sanctions, now they are being converted for Russian components. Previously, they planned to use foreign engines and other devices., but then 2014 year it turned into a risk.

Such adaptation will reduce the demand for Russian aircraft in the foreign market.. We went to collaboration for a reason, but in order, to integrate our airliners into the modern civil aviation market.

Dmitry Sikorski

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