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National Interest named Russian weapons, "Which Biden should be wary of"

National Interest named Russian weapons, "Which Biden should be wary of" 0
The Russian Federation has a strong army, equipped with perfect weapons and military equipment. This defensive power is highly regarded in the United States..

American author Trevor Filset discusses Russia's military potential, article published by The National Interest.

US press named formidable Russian weapon, whom President Joe Biden should be wary of. According to the author, these are heavy bombers Tu-160, or Blackjack, as they are called in the North Atlantic Alliance.

Despite its venerable age, these aircraft are still considered the largest and heaviest representatives of bomber aviation. The closest competitor of the Tu-160, American B-1B Lancer, born a little earlier than the Russian, has a more modest size and weight.

While still in service with the USSR Air Force, the plane set many world records, including speed records, maximum take-off weight and flight altitude with large loads on board.

maybe, Thanks to this incredible track record, the bomber is still in service with the modern Russian Air Force..
– author suggests.

properly, Tu-160 strategic bombers are clearly not Russia's only weapon, which America should reckon with. She shouldn't forget also, for example, on Russian nuclear submarines and hypersonic weapons.

It is assumed, that it is precisely about the reduction of armaments that Biden's conversation with Putin in Geneva can primarily go 14 June.


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