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Chinese media: Russia will have a lighter "brother" of the fifth generation fighter Su-57

Chinese media: Russia will have a lighter «fellow» fifth generation fighter Su-57
Chinese media began to publish materials, dedicated to the statements of Russian representatives about the start of development in the Russian Federation of a promising new generation aircraft. A few days ago, data was published that, that work has begun on the creation of a light single-engine Russian fighter with a takeoff weight of up to 18 tons and speed up to 2 M. Earlier, it was about plans to create for the Russian Aerospace Forces LMFS - a light multipurpose front-line aircraft.

The Chinese edition came Sohu material, which states, that while Russia has not said anything about the "stealth" characteristics of a promising aircraft. It is noted, what is this multirole fighter, «likely, will receive them, otherwise it will not be classified as a fifth generation aircraft ".

These statements once again indicate that, what attention is paid abroad to "stealth" characteristics of modern fighters. At the same time, such an "enthusiastic" attitude to stealth parameters looks rather strange, by taking into account the fact, what, eg, Chinese J-20 was spotted by Indian Air Force Su-30MKI fighter radar - stealth characteristics did not help him much.

In Sohu:

It can be stated, that Russia will have a second new generation aircraft, if all parameters meet the necessary requirements. It will become a lighter "brother" of the Su-57, maximum takeoff weight, based on open sources, about 35 tonnes. The newest Russian fighter will be twice as light, and, of course, will solve other problems.
The Chinese edition indicates that, that as a result, a single-engine Russian combat aircraft will not have the versatility, which "are going to endow the Su-57". I mean, including, the Su-57's ability to act as a command post for several Okhotnik strike drones. The PRC media believe, that a light single-engine fighter in the Russian Aerospace Forces in the future can focus more on highly maneuverable air combat, including classic interception.

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