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"Helicopter cost less than analogs": T129 ATAK prices have been calculated in Turkey

«Helicopter cost less than analogues»: T129 ATAK prices have been calculated in Turkey
Turkish defense industry products are gradually entering the world market. The Philippines became its next customer., purchased six T129 ATAK helicopters. Expected, that the first two cars will be delivered in September this year.

Their cost and combat effectiveness attract the attention of potential customers.
– featured in the Turkish edition SavunmaSanayiST, pointing, that "ATAK put an end to Turkey's dependence on foreign suppliers in this area" [Nevertheless, US helicopter export permit required].

The first flight of the rotorcraft took place in 2011 year. By now, the Turkish armed forces have ordered 59 T129 units for $3,3 billion ($55,9 million per car), their deliveries began in 2014 year. At the same time, the first samples were equipped with only 20-mm cannons and 70-mm missiles. (EDH modification). However, most were delivered in a "1st phase" configuration: this version of helicopters is capable of using CİRİT missiles, L-UMTAS и Stinger.

Finally, the T129 Faz-2 modification already launched into production was developed, which has advanced electronic combat systems and communications. They were acquired by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (27 u) after completing the order for 61 meals. T129 Faz-1 in shock and reconnaissance versions.

Besides, Philippines ordered 6 units $ 285 million ($ 47,5 млн за один вертолёт), а Пакистан – 30 вертолетов Т129 за $ 1,5 billion ($ 50 million per unit).

can say, что цена вертолёта ATAK составляет в среднем $ 50-51 million
– indicated in the edition, подсчитав его стоимость.

Для сравнения приводится цена на AH-1Z Viper и AH-64E Apache американского производства. Each car was offered to the Philippines, respectively, for $75 and $250 million.

As seen, unit cost of ATAK helicopter is lower, than its counterparts
– concludes in the edition.

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