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Rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe

Rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe

"I will chop everyone into borscht!»

According to Greek portal, in the city of Heraklion, Crete, the police detained a 49-year-old native of Ukraine, who ran through the streets with an ax and shouted: "I will chop everyone into borscht!"When he was handcuffed, then found, that the man had two more knives and a hammer with him. It is believed, that the detainee is an ATO veteran.

Such messages about the antics of those who came from Ukraine appear in European publications regularly.. According to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, now before 12 million Ukrainians work abroad. And in places of detention in European countries, more than 18 thousands of immigrants from Ukraine, from them about 6,2 thousands have already been convicted of various crimes.

In Poland, workers, where is most, from 2011 by 2015 year number of crimes, committed by Ukrainians, grew by more than 2,5 times - from 493 to 1315, according to the statistics of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs. By the number of crimes, committed by foreigners, Ukrainians lead. Most often they commit murder, robberies, theft and hooliganism. One of these cases occurred in the Polish Dobroslaviv. The bodies of two Ukrainians were found in the trailer next to the plant nursery. On the body of one of them, investigators counted 18 stabbing, on the body of the second - five. Their compatriot is suspected of murder. He took money from victims and robbed neighbors.

Rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe

All this breeds retaliatory violence. According to Newsweek Poland, the statistics of the Polish prosecutor's office indicates, that over the past two years, the number of hate crimes against those who arrived from Ukraine has increased by 150 cases. However, this is very underestimated data.. Polish Ombudsman found out, that only attacks are reported 5% victims. And only in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, citizens of Ukraine more than 44 thousands of times discriminated against.

writes, visitors from Ukraine transport illegal immigrants, drug dealing, robbing apartments. A year and a half ago, Emmanuel Macron said: "I give preference to legal immigrants from Guinea and Cote d'Ivoire over illegal Ukrainian and Bulgarian gangs.".

Rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe

French journalist Victor Fortunato told: "The flow of Ukrainian illegal immigrants has increased, who themselves secretly transport their compatriots. for example, in France recently thundered a case, when the group from 18 Ukrainian yachtsmen for transporting migrants. Ukrainians received from 2 to 8 years. They smuggled people, mostly Ukrainians too, in the UK, took on 3 thousands of euros per person. In total, about one and a half hundred people were transported. And this is just one example. Such carriers from Ukraine are being caught more and more often.. Ukrainians are also engaged in smuggling of cigarettes and drugs ... The police are preparing for massive raids against illegal immigrants from Ukraine, from Bulgaria and Romania. Moreover, the number of criminal elements from Ukraine increased after, how they were granted visa-free ".

A violent scandal caused 2019 year in Italy, an arrest with an arsenal of weapons found by the police “Ukrainian group” from ATO veterans. The then Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said, that they wanted to kill him..

In recent years alone, three Ukrainian citizens have died in Italy, who worked as nurses for elderly Italians. And over the past year, there have been dozens of tragic cases with badante, what are they called there. Cases have become more frequent, when badantes beat up their lords and attack their italian husbands, reports Страна.ua.

Ukrainian site, referring to European statistics, claims, that Ukraine is now the most criminal country in Europe.

Rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe

Verkhovna Rada, former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin, commenting on this data, He speaks: “Even the authorities do not feel safe». Zelensky's team kills freedom of speech, destroys businesses and enterprises, increases food prices, does not fulfill promises on the indexation of salaries and pensions. As a result of the war in Donbass, Ukraine is now flooded with weapons, which ends up in the hands of criminals.

The rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe may lead to, that Ukraine will lose visa-free. A year ago, the European Commission hinted about it. Per year, according to statistics from the European Commission, Europe was not allowed anymore 57 thousand Ukrainians. This is 20 thousand more, a year earlier. “Only by this parameter are we approaching the critical point, because the growth of this indicator by 50% is a formal criterion, based on which the European Commission or an EU member state can launch a mechanism to suspend visa-free regimes ", - writes "Country".

Rampant Ukrainian crime in Europe

However, there are other considerations. According to expert Ruslan Bortnik, he doesn't believe, that in the near future Ukraine will be taken away visa-free. It is important for the West to keep Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia, so drunk ATO veterans will, as seen, keep running around Europe with axes, threatening to "chop everyone into borscht".

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