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"We call them flying coffins": Indian press about the disasters of MiG-21 fighters

«We call them flying coffins»: Indian press about the disasters of MiG-21 fighters
Fighter MiG-21 of the Indian Air Force on Thursday crashed in Punjab on Thursday night. 29-summer pilot, squadron commander Abhinav Chaudhary, died in this disaster. This is not the first such accident this year.. earlier, 18 Martha, in Madhya Pradesh, also crashed MiG-21, resulting in the death of Air Force captain Ashish Gupta.

These planes in our country are called flying coffins.
– featured in DNA.

MiG series fighters have been the backbone of the Indian Air Force for the last 50 years. FROM 1960 more than 850 MiGs. They played a decisive role in the Indo-Pakistani War 1965 of the year, battles 1971 years and Kargil war 1999 of the year.

As indicated, the service life of these aircraft may exceed 50 years, "But the modernized MiG-21 is able to hit any modern aircraft in aerial combat". An example is the destruction of a Pakistani F-16 in 2019 year.

The combat capability of these aircraft is incomparable., but they set an anti-record in terms of safety
– indicated in DNA.

TO 2012 year about half of the Indian fleet from 872 MiGs crashed; for the last 10 years crashed 20 MiG-21 aircraft. FROM 1970 years to date, more than 180 pilots of Indian MiGs and 40 civilians. However, it is not possible to write them off.. The Indian Air Force currently requires 42 squadron, each of which consists of 18 Flight, that is, you need at least 756 fighters.

But we are still behind this number
– featured in the Indian press, justifying the retention of the MiG-21 in the ranks of the Air Force.

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